I sure am thankful that the cold weather has let up in Atlanta!
Lately....this is me..... taking 15 minutes to layer on all my clothes to walk Cami and then another 15 after I's been nice to walk out the door in just a coat!

Here is the little scoundrel at the beach a few weeks ago:) 

I forgot to share some of the pictures from the mart a while back.....I always love to walk the halls just looking at gorgeous things.

I am going to start with my favorite which of course are pillows!


I first saw these about 4 shows ago and just about lost it.   Sugarfeather is located in California and I love their designs SO much!!!

Choke.....these black and white lovelies 

I might or might not have ordered a few....again [which I have absolutely no business doing!].

My girlfriend ordered this piece for her dining room....I love the hardware!
She also ordered this right?

I like this sconce....
These dressers from Modern History.  More hardware goodness!

Love the shape of this Aiden Gray mirror

The colors in this art....

Pendants from Mr Brown

Every time I see a green sofa I want one.

I stumbled into this accessories showroom and I love this wallpaper shown in a couple of different color ways!  I was kind of in love with that mirror also....

 I was going to post about the bedroom I installed last Saturday but I was hoping to secure a large piece of art for over the sofa's so pretty that I am not sure my pictures will do it justice:)

While I was at her house a few weeks ago we were talking shoes and she brought out these beauties....whoa.

 They left me speechless.  

I have many questions to answer from your comments about the powder room and foyer....and I will get to them I promise.

It might be Friday but I will be working all weekend so I can't really get excited.....and that's clearly no fun right?



patti said...

Pretty pillows from Sugar Feather! I especially like the Aiden Gray mirror! The piece your girlfriend bought for her dining room reminded me of the piece in the powder room you wrote about recently. Thanks!

Gail Storti said...

Wonderful finds! I’m a pillow addict too and love the fabrics on these. But those! FAB-U-LOUS!

Sarah B said...

Hi! You mentioned a wallpaper that came in a couple colorways in this post... can you please share the source? Thank you!

swedecollection said...

Those block heel shoes are fabulous. Love that color. Don't see them anymore on their website, however. This makes the design in my brain wish I was a shoe designer. I think you would have to apprentice with some great cobbler to learn the trade in the best way. If I was young again - - - - oh well.

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