We are finishing up our stay at the beach and headed home to Atlanta today.  We got a lot done and if you think this was a vacation....well it didn't feel like it:)

There was about 2 days where I just sat on my butt.....the 31st and the 1st.  I can blame myself a little.....that curse of not being able to relax!

Anybody else like that?

I happened to be looking over at a brown cabinet under the TV and decided that it needed to be white.  I had already taken the doors off and tried to accessorize a little but just wasn't feeling it.

Here is the outcome....followed by the before pictures!


Now let me show you why I did it!

The waaaaaay before.......

Doors off....attempt at talking myself out of painting it:)

Nope....just not feeling it!

 It took 4 coats.....crikey.  

I was definitely re-thinking my decision.

So much better!

I found most of the stuff at Target, HomeGoods and a few thrift stores.

So much better right?

Our unit is listed on VRBO 68020 [where you can see availability and check prices] but if you want to save the new VRBO fees you can email my husband direct at

Of course while I was at Target they were scraping Christmas and  putting out all the spring stuff!

You might have seen some instastories....

Target went long and deep with the pink!


Target you are such an inspiration!

And that is the truth.....
OK.....gotta get packed up and hit the road! 



karen said...

Yes indeedy Target is Killing it peeps.
Good call on the paint job , the redo looks great.

Jalon Burton said...

I just love your photos.
Great job, bet the place feels like a new home!
Happy New Year, right?!
P.S. I have to stay out of Target, they would probably open a new store with my purchases (love those lamps!)

debra @ 5th and state said...

from a black hole to a statement, yes!

take a look at Amy Howard paints, it is for furniture; no priming, sanding, just paint. would have been finished in 2 coats....promise!


Virginia Girl said...

Target addict also. Love the changes in the kitchen (last post). We just did a gut on ours and removed the bar height counter that made ours feel like we were trapped. Seeing yours just confirmed for me that we made the right decision.

Thanks for sharing the VRBO info...already made it a favorite on my account.

Sad no pictures of Cami - she is such a cutie pie!

onnery said...

Congrats on the finished product! It looks great. Thanks for all the befores and afters.
So what did you buy at target?!!

Bonnie Hart said...

The makeover you did on the TV cabinet is great!! I even liked the look of it when you had just sanded it down a little. But the white paint made it a whole new piece of art. Also, the pieces you put on the shelves finished it off perfectly. Beautiful

Yusuf M. said...

Hi.. Interior designing your home is always a challenge.. Since we are in the same industry, Target definitely helps :-)

jennifer said...

my target had none of this?! arrrrrrr

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