I hope you guys got a chance to scroll through the One Room Challenge post.  I'm  so amazed at all the talent out there and how they can pull it together so fast!  

I can vouch for the pressure.


I have some updates today on my Boulder project. I'll be heading back out there in about 10 days to give this staging thing another whirl!

Let's recap.

If you remember the outside of the house looked like this

We decided early on to paint the house dark because the wood was in bad shape in areas and after we painted my Madison project I'm pretty much obsessed with the look!

In fact the front of the house was in pretty bad shape so the wood was replaced and just to confuse the issue....[why not right]..... was hung horizontally.

Then we made another decision to paint only the front entry area white!


Using natural wood, dark paint and white!

After looking at about a thousand or so outside lights [they had to be statement!] I somehow stumbled on these from Lamps Plus.

Can't wait to see these bad boys installed.....

Remember when you walked in the front door this is what you saw....

And now.....we have this!

I haven't seen it in person yet but I can't wait!

The bathrooms have all been tiled.

Master before


Hall bathroom before


And....bonus room bath before


Some the TV/Den

 Back entry area

Black shiplap!
I'm hitting every trend on this one:)

And you remember my inspiration for the kitchen?

It's starting to come together.....

The kitchen backsplash got installed with the black and white Cement Tile.

Hopefully they will send me some more pictures soon....I used to get zero until I read them the riot act.  

The million dollar question is "do we have enough furniture to fill this place up?"

I guess we will see:)

To see more pictures and updates of this Boulder project you can go here, here , here and here

I know you were curious about the Mother Cluckin Fried Chicken Festival I was pretty dang good!

All.  You.  Can.  Eat.



Viktor said...

Wow, very impressive, thank you for sharing!

Ailsa White said...

Very nice designs you have shared. These all are looks new and different. Thanks for sharing. office interior design essex

Linda @ Calling It Home said...

Love this! My home is asymmetrical and this gives me all sorts of ideas.

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