Yep....I am jumping in.....week 4 1/2.

Ha Ha..... JK:)

But I am here to update you on some of the participants in case you have been too busy to check it out!

Every time I don't get invited I have a small little "pity party for one" and then I slap myself into reality and say "girl what chu do not have time anyway!"

Still the ORC will always have a special place in my heart.  Shouldn't I be grandfathered in?  Hee Haw

Let's start with this great DIY from Censational Girl

Uh huh.  Not only does she have time but skills.

This Cole and Son wallpaper is EVERYTHING!
I'm not sure I have seen it up in this colorway but I'm in!

Christine never fails to impress with her skills....and add to that.... she always takes on a whopper of a project.  Similar to building a house from the ground up and decorated in 6 weeks.

Brit from House Updated 

Are you kidding me?  I had to re-read to make sure that this was indeed correct.....Brit did this tiling herself.

Here is her plan for a laundry/bathroom.

 Joanna is remodeling her living and dining room and I am always excited to see a pretty plan like the one above!

House Of Brinson

Susan and her husband have a great video to show you all the details of their ORC.  Loving this wallpaper they are using!

Abby Mancheskey
I am such a huge fan of Abby's....and this kitchen makeover is going to be INSANE.  I saw on her instastory the cabinets being painted green and just gasped! 

The English Room 

Holly has her colorful signature style and this plan is no exception!

Lark and Linen

Jacquelyn is making over her living room and of course this neutral room really appeals to me:) 

Dwell With Dignity

These sweet hometown girls Cate and Latham from Gordon and Dunning are making over a room for a family. Please follow the DWD link to see how you can volunteer if you are local!


The Glitter Guide

Another neutral space that is killing me [in a good way] is Caitlin's modern organic bedroom.  That bed is everything!  

The Nester

Myquillyn is making over in her words "an awkward space" in her home.  Kind of a back entry/mudroom/laundry room.  I can tell this is going to be a WOW moment!

Old Brand New

Holy smokes get over there right now and check out this soon to be incredible space!  Dabito is giving us some color!

Old Home Love

Andy and Candis have 7 kids and are making over their master bedroom in a really old house.  You need to check out the before pictures of this place....whew!

The Pink Pagoda

Get ready for all kinds of loveliness for this sitting room makeover!

The Rambling Renovators

Jen is making over her family room and I am loving the casual neutral tones of this space!

Erica Reitman

Check out this guest house the eclectic feel of this space!  Erica is funny and I think we share a love of reality TV:)

Sketch 42

Of course I love everything on this board....and will be anxiously awaiting the makeover of Nichole's cool vintage style home!

The Suburban B's

Tricia and Erin always give us some eye candy and this time Erin will give her daughter's room a makeover!

The Design Crisis

Erin is making over her kitchen.....dayum girl are you crazy?  So many things can go wrong and I am scared for you:)

What started as a quick recap of a FEW ORC spaces morphed into a complete overview of everyones space.  I just couldn't leave anyone out:)  
There is always so much goodness....and each year the stakes get higher!

Linda....congrats on putting together quite the lineup.

Chill out will be the weekend before you know it!

Sheriky Freaky


Linda @ Calling It Home said...

Thanks for the love! I can't wait to see how all of these spaces come together!

cindy hattersley design said...

Thank you so much for the updates! The ORC has gotten so big that many of us just don't have the time to follow all the participants. It is always amazing but I just have to depnd on people like you to give me the round up!! Thanks Sherry!!

essay best said...

Oh Wow, these are so amazing. I am absolutely loving this post. So much creativity and art here. Thankyou so much for posting this for us. It is a nice share.

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