It appears that I am not alone in my quest for the perfect pillow.  I am thinking epidemic.

No worries....I believe there are enough to go around for everyone.....with possible leftovers:)

Today we have some updates on the new Boulder project #fieldcourt.  This is happening at a rapid pace......

When I was out there we discussed the kitchen for hours.  There is a fine line between what you would do if it was your kitchen.....and what you think everyone else will want.

I'll start with some before images just to catch you up....

Here are the listing pictures

Walls came down to open it up.

After much discussion about placement of the appliances there was a last minute change.

As you can see the sink was under the window and the stove top was opposite.  That seems to be the trend in kitchen.....a very symmetrical floor plan.

Similar to this look.

 Denton Development

Susan Ferrier

The problem is that this kitchen is pretty narrow and the space between the sink and stove would be a little tight.

So we came up with a new plan....

The island will not have any appliances in it.  The sink stays under the window and the range/hood to the left.  

Here are the professional architectural drawings:)

Let's get to the good stuff....

Duh...white....that's a shocker.

BUT.....there is more.

This gorgeous tile from Cement Tile Shop will be the backsplash.  Y'all I worked hard for this decision.  It was like a full out campaign with billboards and air time.

This place has all kinds of goodness....IN STOCK!

These are a couple of my favorites!

Because I love my K7 Grohe faucet we are using the same one....

And these Rejuvenation lights are ordered!'s looking something like this....

And I am dancing around like a I'm on Soul Train

Over in the butlers pantry we have a microwave and wine fridge in the lower cabinets and open shelves above [with shiplap]....if you scroll back up it is where the fridge is now.

This one should be a stunner.

So as the formula goes....we need some wood in this bad boy to warm things up.

The front of the island will be natural wood.


I'm no kitchen designer but dang I hope this is as good in real life as it is in my head:)

You can see our first thoughts about the kitchen here

So what do you think?  

Yawn.....or join me on Soul Train:)




Anonymous said...

I totally don't get the symmetrical stove opposite sink trend. Seems it would just clog up the works the second you had more than one person in the space. Plus, where, then do you store dishes and cups?? I think you are so smart to not wander merrily down that path, only to regret later. I enjoy your posts and think the kitchen will be lovely.

Anonymous said...

I NEED to know about the hardware! Please.

Karen said...

Everything is looking lovely, but I am curious where the oven(s) and fridge are going to go!

Mary said...

So shiplap in the butler's pantry instead of black subway tile?

June Pope said...

I have often wondered why someone would put a stovetop in an island where you might need to serve someone sitting on the other side of said island. How many times must you get burned to know that wasn't a good idea? I think islands are for prepping and serving.
This is a great design and the added wood will really set it off. It looks so warm in the sourced pictures. I saw it in your head and love it.

Anonymous said...

I've often scratched my head about the trend in putting sinks, stoves, etc, in the island. I have a large island with nothing in it, and I love it. It wouldn't be nearly as functional with something smack dab in the middle. My kids sit there - who wants to worry about them touching the hot stove? And who wants to look at a sink of dirty dishes on display? We all know that the mess in a sink spreads to the sides of the sink, making the island less and less functional. Good call on moving your appliances.

Kathysue said...

Dancing right along with you! Love the black and white and the wood will be a wonderful warm textural touch. They are going to love it.

Abbey said...

The sink/stove on island thing is very common in rental apartment and small condo kitchen layouts. When we bought our first home last year this was my number one "no, thank you" when we stepped into a kitchen. If it's a sink, you get water all over without a backsplash when you wash pots and pans. If it's a stove, grease splatters and no one can sit on the other side. It's a trend I will be happy to see go away!

Chris said...

Another one I can't wait to see done! And I have really been dying to use those cement tiles!!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

This is going to be fabulous!

michele said...

i think it's dreamy von dreamy and the stuff of soul train glory. i raise my glass of diet pepsi to you as i stroll my bad self down the soul train aisle in mile high 'fro and elephant leg bellbottoms that were a B to hem considering i'm the size of a thirdgrader so i hope you appreciate the soulful celebration going on over here about your kitchen design skillz.*deep breath* it's not half bad, sherry.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling said...

Great post.Everything is looking lovely.

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