There are no words.

I am humbled by all of your comments about my dining room.  Seriously....who could have better friends.

I was also truly amazed after I saw the other 19 makeovers.  Everybody brought out the big guns and I am halfway through with the 70 or so linking participants who worked just as hard.

It kind of feels like the day after Christmas.....big sigh.

There were a couple of things....I edited my post to reflect the correct paint color on the doors which is BM Granite AF-660

Next I wanted to share a little more info about the rug border.

It's hard to tell in this picture so here is a closeup
Instead of the canvas binding I had the choice of using this linen.  I think it was a dollar more [per linear ft] which was an easy choice.  I love the natural feel of it.

Let's see....what else.

Oh yeah another question was about the planks on the wall.  Again I am pretty sure he did not use any specific item to evenly space them because they are not even!

A little more about my decision on the window treatments.  Originally I was going to do this light scrim.

But while I loved them in my LR for some reason there was too much hardness in the DR and I felt like it needed more weight.  After discussing with Sudi  [my expert on window treatments!] about using 2 different fabrics so close together....we came to the conclusion that since I also have the Hollyhock fabric in the LR it would work.

I have finally taken down all of my plantation shutters.  Don't get me wrong...20 years ago when I had them installed I was thrilled.

 The 2 1/2" ones reduce the light in a room by 50% so these rooms are much brighter now.  My favorite place to use them is the bedroom.  I have the 4 1/2" ones [they let in SO much more light]  and are easy to open and close on a daily basis.

Sorry for the crappy 5 year old picture but you get the point:)

I think that's it except for this one tiny other thing.  I was in Schumacher yesterday and found out that the Hollyhock pattern is coming out in WALLPAPER!!

I started to drool a little when I heard that.

Stay tuned for the update of my foyer.  I was going to add that to the ORC but I was afraid I couldn't finish in time [some of you have already had hints on Instagram].  We'll go there next week.

I hope to see some local designers at ADAC next Thursday.

And....a question for some of you "techies".  Many of my readers have emailed about not receiving my post via email for some time now.  I wish I could help but that issue is so above my pay grade:)

I am putting it out there in case someone has any ideas!  Although you would have to explain it to me on a first grade level so I could "get it"....

Happy Weekend my friends!




Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I can't wait to see your foyer makeover. The Instagram peek was not enough!

René said...

Your foyer teasers are killing me! I agree with Kerry!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I've had someone complain of that same email thing - I have no idea what the deal is. I do know that I love how bright and big the window in your living room is now. :)

Beth C. said...

I'm no techi, but I am SO glad you mentioned the email snafu. I haven't been getting notifications for most of my favorite blogs for a while now...your, Tone on Tone, Classic Casual Home, Calling it Home, Cote de Texas--and more! So frustrating! The only thing they seem to have in common is that they are all published through Blogger. Other blogs I follow are still being delivered to my inbox, but they don't use Blogger. Just another reason as an end user I'm not fond of Blogger :(. The only way I know you have a new post is because I follow you on FB...and stalk you on Pinterest! But it's been a major pain in my a$$ to keep up with what posts I'm missing out on from all of my favorite blogs. Hope some techi at Blogger figures it out. Stat! Best, Beth C.

Unknown said...

Your did such an incredible job on the dining room Sherry and every time I look at it, I see something new. Great job!

Beth Connolly said...

The same thing with my email subscribers - I have been getting lots of emails from unhappy followers. Google is clearly asleep at the switch - this has been going on for several weeks. At least we know it is a system wide problem so hopefully it will be corrected. I know there is a last resort of Resyncing your feed but I haven't had time to look into any of this. Hope your opening this up to comments leads us to a resolution. Thanks.

Simply LKJ said...

Love hearing your thoughts on the plantation shutters. We are having windows replaced soon so our 20 year old 2 inch wood blinds are coming down. Confused as to what we want to put back. I love the look of the shutters, but hubby likes his light, and the little one (dog) enjoys looking out the bottom with the blinds pulled up a bit!

Judy said...

i have been beyond frustrated about not getting notifications thru e-mails on blogs i follow that way...then i started seeing a lot of comments and posts addressing that issue...i'm not a techie (sp?) AT ALL but did find out the issue is that Feedburner which is apparently how some blogs are delivered is not sending out the i spent a long time yesterday (and still adding on) having to go back and manually adding in my favorite blogs to my blog roll AGAIN! that seems to work for me so i'm not going to try and find another method!

that being said, i love your new dining room and especially those plank walls...i'm about to add some to a single wall in one of my guestrooms.

great job sherry!

Unknown said...

Can I fly down for your tour? Would love to attend a session like that (hosted by your of course).I wish I could help with the e-mail question. I'm always curious how most people read blogs. I'm still using Blovlovin but it's just "eh" but I know I wouldn't read as many posts if they got emailed to me.

Nancy said...

I am relieved to know that I'm not the only "technically challenged" person out there. hope somebody super smart sees this and tells us all what to do to fix it. Happy Mother's Day!

Jessie said...

Looking forward to see your foyer transformation. I wish I can help with the email problem, but I am technically challenged as well. :)

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day weekend, Sherry!


Just Spiff It said...

I love everything that you do so I knew I would love your dining room.
On another note..............I was thinking I got blacklisted when I quit getting all my blog subscriptions. I have heard that it is a feed burner issue. How to fix it??? Hmmm...have not a clue. Sorry. Hurry up with the foyer makeover!! Can't wait!

designchic said...

Your dining room is amazing and I can't tell you how much I love the paneled walls and the lantern…stunning!! Can't way to see your foyer…

pam {simple details} said...

Can't wait for the foyer reveal!!

I've been getting emails as well, I did figure out it was Feedburner and have tried Googling solutions, and checking their forums, but no luck. When I checked my account they have my subscriber #'s at half of where it should be and it randomly keeps going lower. I checked into Feedblitz but it's a pricey alternative.

Anonymous said...

Your dining room is so refreshing---those pillows are just perfect!

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