I feel like I am letting you guys down....I am not very organized today.....or lately for that matter.  I used to sit down on Sundays and plan my post for the week....

Which has not been happening since I have been working most weekends.  All this being said I don't have much today but....a little glimpse of what my Sunday was all about.

I have this guest bedroom....that of course..... had become the biggest mess ever.  Left over fabrics and things ordered but not used for a project.....pillows....oh yes so many of those!

I just kept the door shut so I would not have to look at it.  It is a small room....about 11 x 11.  Just room for a bed and a chest.

On Sunday around 12:30 I just got a wild hair and walked in and started taking things out into the LR....which of course spilled into the kitchen and family room.  Y'all it was a mess.....worse than Christmas morning with 4 kids opening presents.

Here goes....the shame.

I tried to put them in categories but I was getting overwhelmed....

Cami looking at me....like WTF is going on Mom!

I mean how did this happen.....I ask....like I don't know....haha.

I was at it until 6 pm.....

I started selling things on a few Facebook Groups and that felt good!  

I also cleaned that room so hard.  Baseboards, bedding....all spider webs are now gone!  Every little dot I saw was a tick.....you know I am still jumpy!

Then I got distracted.  You knew that was coming.  After the room was clean I started styling....

What in the living hell is wrong with me?

All cleaned.

Lord....I need to be medicated.

So where are we you ask?

In the closet....pillow covers in twos only....

Pillows with inserts....still in this corner of my LR  as I am writing this.  Here is the problem now...I don't want to put anything in the room now....but that is not reality cause it's either in there or in my LR.

The good thing is I am still working on selling stuff.  It does make it less painful:)

I will tell you it gets overwhelming doing that because you have to pay attention so when you price something too low and 389 people start responding and you have to figure that shit out.

I was sweating a few times.

But all in all it's a good solution.  I will tell you this....the trick is to price to sell so you have to have a long hard talk with yourself about the end goal!

Letting go of the pillows....my first love..... is another whole situation.  That may happen last and I might need an intervention before it is all over.




Unknown said...

This was so funny! And so real! Where do you find the best place to sell stuff?

Anonymous said...

I love that you showed us your inner hoarder. And also how you are going about fixing that.

The tick bite has either mad you crazy enough to get rid of all you treasures or strong enough to stop the hoarding. I guess it's how you look at it.
everything is beautiful and I don't know how you are able to part with it.
My stuff isn't half as nice and I can't seem to let it go
Congratulations on being strong.

Sarah said...

LOL Cami's face!!! Wish I were in your neighborhood and could buy some of your things. They are all beautiful!

Wonderful Life! said...

Which FB group? I want in on this treasure trove!

Mel said...

Well done! Doesn’t it feel so good to tackle a project like that? Seems like if you tricked out your guest closet in the right way you could still keep an orderly stash. I too have a thing for pillows that I like to rotate with the seasons but they take up SO much room. I finally got smart and have only one set of inserts and just change out the covers ( I don’t even remove my lighter covers, I just place the heavier ones over them in the cooler months). Maybe you could just donate/sell the inserts and keep covers. Don’t stop now, you’re close to the finish line.

I love buying and selling on FB Marketplace. Wish I were a little closer so I could stalk your wares!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the inspiration. I have a guest room that needs the same treatment. I used to do yard sales and pricing to sell meant not having anything left over. I looked at it as someone paying me to take it away.

Anonymous said...

You...YOU... are braver than I am. You are also my motivation. Thank you...but I will be waiting until this excessive heat abates. xo to you and Cami.

Lovelies, Pip

Barbara Moore said...

I have an entire room in the basement in the exact same shape. It calls to me constantly, but so far I've been able to ignore. When my eyes are tired of something in the house, I know I have so many things down there that I could enjoy. You've given me a slight push toward the basement door. I think. Maybe not. Crikey.

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
I’m keeping my guest room door closed also. It is currently holding the contents of my kitchen while I wait for the renovation to be completed.
Everything was ripped out of my kitchen right before our state’s lockdown was enacted. And then it sat, empty, with no work being done on it.
It was a small kitchen but I sure managed to shove 25 years worth of stuff into it.
I think everyone needs a room to put stuff in until they can deal with it later. Thank goodness for doors!

Brenda in Virginia said...

I think every woman can relate to the overwhelming pillow storage issue. I tried to manage all of mine by using those space bags that suck all the air out of things so you can store a huge comforter in a drawer! Except sometimes the bags would come unsealed. Get the picture??

Now I use one standard size pillow insert and rotate pillow covers for the various seasons or my mood. I can still have all my pillows but it is sooo much easier to store a dozen or so covers than a dozen or so pillows... And sooo much cheaper, which is a side benefit.

Shannon Kirby Interiors said...

I think you’re done an amazing job clearing the room Sherry! It must have been so cathartic.
I know how designers hang on to things just because we might need it for another job. It helped me to clear the room when we moved. Now just a closet is filled with bolts of fabrics, trims and art. Now if I could only find a place for the furniture and antiques😂

Gail Storti said...

Sherry...PLEASE never fret about your posts being anything but fabulous. You said “I got nothing” and then we read it and not only love it but laugh, which is always the best medicine. Congratulations on a job well done! Wish I was there to help so I could take advantage of your “purge!” So many treasures!

debra @ 5th and state said...

and it feels sooo good when finished!

Did mine over the winter and darn if it isn't back to square one.#eternalslob

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