Hi there....it's Friday and I am not mad about it!  This was a crazy busy week for me....plus it was hot as the dickens.  

I have a lot to get done before I leave for Nantucket.  Yes I am traveling.  A little nervous about it but if you are looking for me I'll be the one in a full hazmat suit:)

I have a little treat for you today!  My friend Kristin Mayfield Meredith has a cool online store called KMM Collective with great clothes.  She occasionally has pop-up events around Atlanta and I love seeing her finds:)

Here are a few gems that I know you will love!

I am a huge fan of a denim shirt....especially with white jeans.

I want this cream lightweight jacket so badly.

Olive green has been on my radar lately  

And....blue and white stripe is always a classic!

And.....I would wear this shirt everyday!

If you follow me on Instagram....then you know I love some great neutral jewelry....I have a cuff very similar to this!

Of course this would be a great addition to my collection!

I have these wooden beads.....

I love the colors in this scarf.

Wouldn't this look good with the olive dress!

You know I love a good black and white 
accessory :)

I love both of these bags....

So.....you can find all of this at her online shop called KMM  Collective

So here are my favorite jeans this season and they are on sale at J Crew now....

And the white ones

I love the short flare of these!

Above the black and below the white.....heavy rotation around here!

And here are some great summer sandals  on sale right now!

It seems like all clothes are on sale and when I see something that I might want and it's not on sale I cock my head in wonder?  Right?

Head over to her website....you will find some fun goodies I'm sure! 

I hope everyone has a healthy weekend!



Anonymous said...


Do you know that you have to quarantine for 2 weeks when you arrive in MA? The northeast has worked really hard to contain the virus. Georgia has not. Sorry to sound harsh but it’s reality.

Gail Storti said...

Love when you do your fashion posts because I want everything you share! The KMM Collective is fabulous and I adore so many of their styles. Your OOTD is always right on and you look fab!
Have a great get away! Relax and enjoy.

Michelle said...

Yes, I am glad anonymous posted about the 2 week self quarantine for you to come into Massachusetts. I live in New England and was surprised by this post announcing travel from Georgia. I live in New England and have been alarmed by the pushback on masks in the south and GA governor Kemp not allowing local leaders to declare mandatory mask orders. New England was first to go through this covid disaster and gave the rest of the country time to prepare for what would come their way.

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