Whew....these are crazy times.  Every morning I think I am going to turn on the news and see that this virus has disappeared.....I can be naive like that.  With the Spanish just ended after 2 what........we have 20 months to go???


I don't have much for you today....but I will say this.  When people ask a question in the comments on a blog post from 2 years ago how am I supposed to answer that?  Perplexed!

I do try to keep up with questions....but I am not sure how to get in touch with "anonymous"....haha.

Ahhhhh.....just venting.  #pleaserquilt

A couple of post ago I showed you some pictures of the project that is finishing up right now.

I have a few pictures of the vanities and tile from the bathrooms.

Below is the design board I did.  We went with a painted vanity instead of wood for budget reasons.
And I stayed with the sconces but changed them to oil rubbed bronze just for interest!

Below with bath #2 I did marble as it is the main level guest room. I selected a lighter paint color for the vanity.   

Here was the plan for bath #6

No changes to this one!

I did change the lights for this one but I love the gray hex tile.

Bath #5 is pretty much all white with a vanity painted Hale Navy.

The only thing in the basement bath right now is the tile....but I love it:)

In the powder room we had a custom vanity made and we are using the Galbraith & Paul wallpaper....

Since she has 3 boys....I thought of something fun for the laundry room!

She will have 2 sets of washer and dryers stacked where that one cabinet is sitting on the floor.  That on is actually a wall cabinet above the sink on the RHS.

The faux soapstone will be the countertops.

I spent all weekend picking out the hardware....and let me tell you that was a job!


We took the original entry doors and had them refinished!  I can't believe how good they look!

They were solid mahogany so there was no reason to ditch them!

Most of the light fixtures have been installed!
All Circa Lighting.

Friday the countertops are installed so I will have more pictures next week!

I am actually getting my hair cut and colored today and I am pretty excited about it.  Precautions will be taken :)

OK.... I gotta go walk the princess.....I tell ya she is definitely getting more demanding in her old age:)  She will be 7 in August.....ugh.  I hate when they get older because all I can think about is "the end".  I can be morbid like that.



Anonymous said...

The rich do not live as we do...! Beautiful work on a daunting number of baths!

mom said...

Can you share the stain color on the mahogany doors? They turned out beautiful!!

gayle said...

Gorgeous choices. And I cannot remember what I wrote two hours ago!

Anonymous said...

It saddens me in how the dog's life isn't equal in length to the human life.

Beautiful choices on all you've chosen.

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
I’m struggling to design my own kitchen. Coordinating the finishes is a daunting task. I don’t know you you manage to do a whole house.
And a large house at that! You are very talented.

Gail Storti said...

Wow...that’s a lot of bathrooms to pull together and I love them all, especially the last one with that pretty wallpaper. And those front doors are gorgeous. Great job! I, too, think I will wake up and this whole pandemic thing will be gone...we can dream!

Allison M said...

Beautiful details! Are the vanities custom or where do you buy? Thanks!

R. Hier said...

Love, love that vanity with the bamboo accents. Superb! But then, I love everything you design!

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