Don't get me wrong....I am just as unhappy as you  about this "shelter in place" situation.  

But.... all of this time at home has helped me focus on work.  There is so much paperwork involved with being a designer.....yes I wish it was all "picking out pretty things" and shopping but there is also ordering and invoicing plus keeping us with client files.....along with SO much internet research!

I have had a few bouts of boredom....but in actuality I only felt that way because I did not want to do what I should be doing! 

So let's catch up!

I took over Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles instastories on Saturday to do a feature called #myatlantaneighborhood

I thought I would share it with you!

We are so lucky to have a nature trail which is where I walk Cami!

There is also an organic garden where you can use a raised bed!

  There are small cottages.....
right next to much larger homes....

Spring is in full bloom here is Atlanta!

Lately I have noticed lots of flags....

Boxwoods are everywhere....

The homes are mostly traditional....and in the last few years.....a lot of the homes have been painted white:)

So there's that.

A friend of mine made me a mask so I wore it to Kroger.  But dang y'all....I about suffocated and was breathing so hard my glasses fogged up and I felt like Helen Keller in there.....boy I can't imagine is this becomes the "norm"....I guess we can save money on lipstick right?

So far this was my most active day with walking Cami....she's over it.....and going for a long walk outside!

She is still happy though having mama home so much:)

Greige Textiles sent me some gorgeous samples....I'm thinking a client will get some pretty pillows soon!

I have been listening to Brene Brown on Podcast....amazing.

I also got samples from Schumacher showing there new collaboration with very pretty!

 And I saw these cool new wallpapers from Jill Sorensen on Instagram!

I was working on a dining room for a client....but I kind of got the table wrong....she has the round one..... so now I am thinking to have a new top made in wood.....

These are just a few of the things going on.  

I am happy to report that my brother in law is coming back to life after chemo and radiation. It's true what they say.....chemo takes you to the brink of death.  He has been walking and finally able to eat again after 2 months.  The goal is to get strong enough to have surgery on May 1st.

I hope all is well for everyone...isn't this teaching us patience?  

Stay safe....hopefully we will all be hugging soon:)



Anonymous said...

Curious about what program you use to make your project "boards" online? Also - do you offer any virtual consultations? Love reading your blog!

Wright said...

Just love reading you blog. Brings much sunshine! Would you share your source for the sisal rugs pictured above? I've ordered two from different sources and they arrive very green not tan. Stay well and thank you. Angela

barbara said...

Hi Sherry- Some of those fabrics look pretty groovy!
Would love to have a Saarinen dining day
I walk A LOT too, it is a good past time. Good time to listen to podcasts (you should do one!)
When I was young, we always had a flag out and Flag Day was important. Wish the flag received more respect these days.

Your neighborhood is darling...
As are YOU!

therelishedroost said...

OH my gosh I felt the same way wearing the mask, I thought am I having a panic attack??LOL Yes glasses fogged as well! I love seeing all our design work you are one of the best.. K

Christy said...

You are hysterical... thanks for the laugh!! Sadly, I'm starting to lose my patience... I can't take much more!! Not sure how inmates do it:(

Carol said...

Love the Brene Brown Podcast. I read today that you should wash your glasses with soap and water, dry them with a cloth and they shouldn't fog up. You can also put a tissue over your nose and that will cut down on the moisture from breathing.
Who would have thought we'd be sharing these tips. I'd rather talk about color and pattern.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know about your brother-in-law's progress. It's such a difficult time in the world as it is without having to suffer through the heartbreak of cancer. I truly hope his treatment keeps working for him.

Your Cami looks like a big, fluffy stuffed animal. Big hugs.

Mary said...

Hi Sherry,
I’m so happy to know your brother in law is doing better. That’s all that really matters.
I’ve always loved Tulip tables. I think they work in any situation or style.
Since our governor came out with the advice to wear a mask when we go to the store I did it the other day. I didn’t have the type that wraps around your ears. So I used a bandana that was tied around my neck & I pulled it up over my nose. I looked like I was ready to rob a stagecoach. And the crazy thing wouldn’t stay up.
Hopefully I won’t need to go to the grocery store again soon.

Kim Lista said...

Sherry- I love your blog. I have followed you for about the past 3 years (maybe longer who knows?!) . I too was a flight attendant in my 20's, mom in my 30's, and Interior Designer/mom in my 40's- and 50 is next month ! I believe this quarantine has taught us all patience. I love to do things that build my patience... such a good quality to have. My bored moments during quarantine were also when I wasn't doing what I needed to be doing. With design, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done- Always. Maybe one day I can meet you at a trade show. I go to highpoint with my 2 other good friends that follow you as well. They too were Delta "stewies" with me and later in life started design. Im in New Jersey.. they are in N and S Carolina. Anyway... keep up the good work. Love your dog... and love hearing you life stories too!!! You are a strong lady!

Kim Lista said...
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Unknown said...


Thank you so much for sharing our fabrics in this post! We appreciate it so much!

Anonymous said...

I am such a fan! You make me laugh when I do desperately need it. I love your style. I feel if we were neighbors we would be best friends.

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