Ha Ha.

I am grateful for a few things though.  My BIL is getting so much stronger.  My sister has been busy cooking and he has gained back 11 lbs which is good as he needs to be strong for his surgery on May 1st.  He is walking everyday and she said he is back to running her life....hee haw.  It's so true about really does take you right to the brink of death.  Anyway we are hopeful that all will go well.

As for divorce is not final yet but probably close.  It has been rough being alone during quarantine ....this new normal stuff has way more meaning that I really wanted and I can definitely get stressed out over all of the change in my life.... but I really try not to go there.

As I mentioned before....I started an "outfit of the day" on my instastories and I gotta say it has been very helpful!  I really do have a reason to get dressed in the morning and try to be creative with the clothes that I have.  Since I am not sure what my financial situation will be....I have curbed my shopping [which isn't fun] but I am finding that I really don't need anything!

Just like design I try to keep it simple....and especially in the do not have to spend as much to look cute!  I went to J Crew Factory and put together some outfits for you.

I am not linking everything because it is ALL from J Crew Factory.

I love this cute dress and have seen a version of it everywhere.  It's only 29.00....

Their white t-shirt got good reviews.....and this cute skirt!  Love it.  It's 34.50 with 15% off!

The blue seersucker jacket is probably the most expensive thing but at 79.00 plus another 15% off it is still a steal!

If you want a cheaper version of the above outfit just add a blue denim shirt!

White jeans will always be a staple in my closet.  I probably wear them 3 days a week and I have a few different styles!  Plus....I can always change the look of an outfit with some animal print shoes.

My Target t-shirt [6.00]

Old J-Crew jacket ....but I think they still carry this!

This Madewell duster is probably 4 years old but I wear it all the time!

There is not a more classic summer outfit than a stripe shirt and jeans.  Count on this one for heavy rotation!

And this black sweater jacket from the Factory is such a favorite I have 2 of them! 

Styling up jeans......

I wore these J Crew Factory pants yesterday!  I bought them last year.

Alrighty then....I am off to an appointment so I have to get Cami walked and of course pick out my #ootd!

You guys hang in least its nice weather and not the middle of the winter!

I will have some updates on Friday from my Ladisic Fine Homes spec house!  It's amazing y'all!



AnneHH said...

Love all of these selections! You have such a great eye for putting both rooms and outfits together!! THANK YOU!!

debra @ 5th and state said...

you are just too cute Ms Sherry, I cannot pull off such cuteness but inspiration galore

great news about your BIL! Onward and Upward. your life's drastic changes must be particularly difficult mine is here and feel as though I am living in a police state

thinking off you, often

Patty M said...

We will hold the most positive thoughts for your brother in law, and it's wonderful to know he's feeling better.

Life is a struggle, and good for you for keeping your glass half full...that can be a challenge, but we're with you along the way.

Cute outfits...jcrew has fun things and you wear them well!!

Take Care, and thank you for a great post!!

Gail said...

Sending positive thoughts to your BIL and family as he prepares for his upcoming surgery. As well as for your upcoming divorce. Good times are on their way.
I love your OOTD posts and you certainly have the same great sense of style in fashion as you do in interior design. One thing that really strikes me with your outfits is your collection of great jewelry pieces. Thanks for all the springtime outfit inspiration.

cindy hattersley design said...

I just love your style. I have yet to find a pair of white jeans that I don't look like a sausage in. Any suggestions? What jeans are you wearing above I love them! I need a pair of jeans but how in the heck do you buy jeans online!

Susan T said...

Sherry, Thank you for sharing the update on your BIL and yourself. I have been praying for all of you. What a year (includes 2019)!! Hopefully you are over half way there with all of the D stuff. I commend you on your positive attitude.
Your fashion sense is impeccable. I always look at your amazing Jewelry as well. Much love and hugs to you. Your insta posts make my day. In fact, I start my day with them and a cup of coffee. You are the only person I know that gets up as early as I do, LOL.

barbara said...

Another wonderful post Sherry!
BIL sounds like a strong person 💕
My love for white jeans knows no boundaries, I have 3 pair
My waist is bigger so. I have found Loft has a style called Modern skinny. They fit me well.
Anytime I purchase petite I go up a size
Stay well everyone!

Mary said...

LOVE your fashion posts! So refreshing as the clothes are all cute, wearable and AFFORDABLE! Some bloggers I have UN -followed because the clothes are out of reach for me and I hate the tease factor! Sounds like you are really moving forward in a healthy way!Stay well!

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully news about your BIL. Also kudos to you for moving forward with your life. These are such challenging times yet life go on albeit differently.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing and are AMAZING!! Stay strong and be safe out there

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts because you're so down to earth. You're lucky to have such a close relationship with your sister and BIL. Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Happy to hear your BIL is doing better, prayer for a successful surgery. Stay positive and well, you are an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

My medical friends at Emory predicting huge, worse resurgence in 1.5 months. Enjoy the respite while you can.

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