Hola chicas.....

Here we are....what day is it again?

We are having an incredible spring here in Atlanta!  Usually we go from a "few pretty days" to 90 degrees in a hot minute.

Saturday I gave myself a workout and went to check on my Ladisic Fine Homes project after hours.....

Things are humming along over there.....

Sunday was kind of stormy so I decided to cook something.  You know lately I've made a few really good soups so I got overconfident.  

I decided to make some coffee cake with a glaze icing.  It was an epic fail.  

Now I know from my friend Maria that with baking the trick is to under cook.  Hmmmm.....I also learned that means to check on it diligently which of course I did not.

I couldn't get it out of the pan and I was so impatient that I just destroyed it.  Grrrrrrr.

No worries....I made that glaze anyway.......then cut a big crunchy piece and ate it.  On a scale of 1-10 it was a 6 and that is only because it was sweet and I was craving sugar:)

I then threw it away....all the way to the outside trash.  I'm no fool.....

I dressed up for 5 minutes on Easter.

If you are not on Instagram.....I have been doing an #ootd [outfit of the day] in stories for about 6 months.  The blouse [J Crew] was something I got at a consignment store.  The jacket [and pearls] are very old Ann Taylor [newsflash: black jackets never go out of style] The shoes are Sam Edelman and I can't remember where the purse came from.

A good thing is that I have been working on a new project with the sweetest client ever.  We might be related as our taste is very similar:)

Anyway it's a renovation so of course there are somethings that can't be changed.  Let's start with the living room.

OK....let's review.  Look carefully and you can see that the fireplace is not symmetrical. Whaaaa.

This is the first room you see when you come through the small foyer and look to the left.  It opens to the dining room.'s very small.  We both thought using 4 chairs might work and after I did a floor plan I learned these chairs have to be pretty small.

Below are 4 images from Pinterest.  If any of these are your room...let me know and I will credit. #lazy

As you can see it will require a round coffee table.  In my space it can't be any larger than 30".

Also if we do a can't be centered in the room because of the way it is laid out with the FP being not centered.  Just another little problema.

So maybe a cool semi flush of flush mount will have to do.

Anyway here are some chairs that would work.

And some 30" coffee tables.

I think I would like to do a square seagrass rug and layer something on top.  Possibly a white hide.

Anyway.....the takeaway is to always do a floor plan using your measurements.  I started out with much larger chairs and realized right away that I needed to alter the size.

Which then dictated the size of the coffee table.....and so on.  Planning people.

Well this earth shattering post has managed to come to an end.  Hopefully Friday I can come up with a more exciting subject.....but maybe not.
No Promises :)

Here's a good thing....I was supposed to have a dentist appointment today and it's cancelled.

Stay in your routine.....unless of course that includes sitting around all day!  Then get up right now and go for a walk!





Renee said...

Love this- it reminds me of the house in It’s Complicated! I think there’s a sofa in that room but I’ve always loved the four chairs! Thank you for continuing to blog...not kidding that these small things make life better right now. Xoxo

Bobbie said...

Made my day, gave me a laugh. Love your humor. Would love having a four chair living area.

KLV said...

I am so impressed by your OOTDs. I follow you on instagram as well, and have loved seeing the outfits but the fact that you continue getting dressed daily in the midst of this craziness is impressive. The fact that it is in real clothes, complete with shoes and accessories is next level. (yes, I realize how pathetic that makes me sound, lol) Thank you for keeping up with the blog. I love your design inspiration and your humor. Stay safe.

Mary said...

I have a 4 chair arrangement in my living room and love it! Even dedicated board on my Pinterest to the floor plan! I don't have a coffee table though( put small tables between 2 chairs) but now I'm re thinking that? Can I ask for source for the small 2-tiered white with gold finish table, please?


Desert Diva said...

You may not think these posts are important, but they ARE! I think we all enjoy looking at decor and possibilities. Plus, loved your outfit! As soon as I see a post from you in my inbox, I read it immediately because it is always so interesting. Thank you !!

Anonymous said...

What is your IG "link"/"title"? Want to follow you! Thanks! EHB

Gail Storti said...

You, Miss Shagoingcrazy, has never had a post that didn’t have something that we all could love and draw inspiration from. You could post the lyrics of “Three Blind Mice” and we would find it interesting and funny, which at this strange time is what we crave, not to mention your wonderful sense of humor. So thank you for always brightening my day, Sherry!

Dian Owens said...

The four-chair seating area is a favorite of mine (especially with low-back swivel chairs). For me, the symmetry is calming and invites conversation of intimate friends. My brass and glass table has a lower glass shelf for additional design and gardening books. Thank you keeping us inspired with your beautiful designs and seasoned with your humor.

Su-z said...

Pretty inspiration room! Can’t wait to see the finished product.

I was supposed to have a haircut today! I’ve already cut my husband’s and son’s hair. I hope it doesn’t come to the point where one of them has to cut mine!

mrsjones4340 said...

Can you share where the round white coffee table is from please? Love your posts!! Debbie Jones

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