Yo.....taps the anyone still there:)

I know.....I might have been fun in the beginning but it's starting to get scary/WTF now right?  But listen....we have to hang in there.

When we talk about things getting back to normal I chuckle because what is that?  I mean some of the definitions of normal are:


So listen..... life is not static right?  It's always changing.  Remember 20 years ago when it was "normal" to just show up for a flight 30 minutes before it left?  Then 9/11 happened and we had a "new normal" of having to show up 2 hours before the flight....wait in line to go through security.

We adapted as we will now.

Pep talk over but know that we will get through this.  Believe me I have heard those words many times in the last 6 months!

So it's Friday and I had all kinds of thoughts on what to post today but I think I am just going to share some updates on the Ladisic Fine Homes spec house I have been working on.

Shower doors installed in the master bath!

These sconces are on the wall behind the tub.

The upstairs laundry room is my fav!  Can you guess why:)  The floors are a large black hex.

Hardware went these Top Knobs black square babies!

This one almost has the 4 ft sink and will have 2 faucets in chrome.  I love the tile going up the back wall with the built in mirrors.

I thought long and hard about the color of the vanity.  My first inclination was to do a neutral gray but I thought black would give it a little drama!

This bathroom got edge pulls.....I felt like with the busy floor that simple hardware would be better.

Loving this matte black tile!

And these shower handles!

The last bathroom.....custom vanity [as they all are].

The main level laundry room....

In the foyer these gorgeous fixtures from Circa Lighting took my breath away!

Close up of the railing.

There was a small wall in the foyer so I added this fixture just for fun!

Matthew Quinn and I worked together on the kitchen, scullery and main level laundry room....and I am so in love with all of it's "blackness"....the backsplash in this area will be mirror.

Here is the sink area in the scullery.....

And this killer tile is the backsplash.

Circa Lighting fixture....

The kitchen is coming along nicely!

The master bedroom  entry light....

Straight ahead is the bar which opens out to the pool area and the covered porch.

And....claps hands can wake up now:)

It's Friday....doesn't mean much right? 

Maybe to home schoolers:)

Somebody asked me about my instagram account....which is here

Link to the gold and glass coffee table found here
And the white coffee table is found here

Hope you bring it this weekend!  Turn off the news and just pretend that you are choosing to stay home:)



AnneHH said...

Hey Sherry! Just want to be SURE that you know that a post from you makes my quarantine day!! Imagine me literally hanging on your every word as you show us that gorgeous house and your amazing finish selections! Drool is involved, too! THANK YOU!!

Deets said...

Love the way you coordinated the bathrooms and service areas but gave each one a distinct identity.

Wishing you the best. These are trying times for all of us but you've had more than your share of hardship this past year. Please know that your efforts here are appreciated and help to bring a little sanity to the world.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful house. Hope you will give us a BIG tour when it is finished.

Su-z said...

TGIF! Because I know there will be a post from you!! The place looks gorgeous. Hope you and Cami can enjoy some walks outdoors this weekend. Once the rain moves through here I will do the same. Hope your BIL is feeling better.

onnery said...

Shower handles and stairwell fixtures…. da bomb!

PattiC said...

I love the master bedroom foyer light fixture! Will you provide a link to it? Like others have commented, I’m so happy when I receive a new post from you. Take care.

Pam Bolton said...

Stunning. I can't wait to see it staged. The kitchen island is the best. And the foyer lighting. Swoon.
I love seeing your blog pop up in my inbox. The very first thing I read. Love the Instagram pretties too, especially your OOTD ( did I spell that right?). Thank you for adding a little beauty to my day.

Candice said...

Wow, those windows are so gorgeous. Mathew Quinn can do no wrong in my book. Hope you are hanging in there; how nice that we are actually having a real spring this year! Funny enough, one of our sons keeps forgetting about the quarantine...when we say, "well family, what should we do this Saturday?!", he says "let's just stay home and have a lazy day"! He is our introvert :)

Unknown said...

Stunning work. Do you recommend any furniture company for bookcases?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this house when it's complete. It is a looker already!!! Heck, everything you work on is beautiful. Thank you for your posts. I too look forward to Tuesdays and Fridays because of you.

Michelle from Vegas

Jen said...

What a treat to see this house-can’t wait to see the final product! Stay strong👍🏻

patty M said...

HAHA.....yes we're here!!
There is an army of us out here!! Reading your posts is keeping us SANE!! THANK YOU!!

Beautiful watching it come together.

I'll leave you with another quarantine joke....
This morning I saw a neighbor talking to her cat. It was obvious she thought the cat understood her. I came into the house, I told the dog...we laughed a lot!!

These days we're having more conversations than ever with our pets...LOL!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Normal is just a setting on the dryer. My 91 year old mom is hospitalized with coronavirus 19. It's really weird because of the ICU isolation ward and every thing being upside side so we can't visit and I haven't seen her in 6 weeks because her residence was on lock down due to COVID. She's no longer doing well enough to take a phone call. The doctors and staff are fabulous and need our daily prayers and words of encouragement. I manage stress with lots of distractions I can create at home, including decorating blogs. so thank you. Pamela

Angie said...

Absolutely stunning, as always! Take care!

barbara said...

That stairwell is more than cool!
Place my name on the reveal party guest list!

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