I don't know about where you live but my week went from Tuesday to Friday...skipping Wednesday and Thursday.  Or maybe I lived through it but it was a blurrr......Seriously!

First things first....I finished 7 seasons of Offspring [on Netflix].  I was so attached to this family that I have been kind of sad.   I felt the same way when I finished 9 seasons of Mad Men.   Crikey......

I've got so much to show you from the Atlanta Market and you are gonna hate me because I can't remember where all the cool stuff I saw is from!  I will try to  tag when I can....but you guys just want inspiration anyway right?????

First up are pillows!  Because they are like the "tube of lipstick" in can always buy a pillow to make you feel better:)

These are all from Ryan Studio and you can't buy them unless you are a designer and have an account cause they keep those beauties on lock down....for realz!

They are all SO pretty though....agree?

Look at me....not a black and white one in the bunch....haha!

Saw these gems on the Antique floor....

I almost bought these but sometimes I just have to say NO!

Loved these from Sudi!

How about some art??

These green ones really got my attention!

Speaking of walls....

This graphic piece right?

And I love a barn.....

Of course I love imagination and hanging these collections sparked mine!


I bought 2 of these for over the island at the Madison project!

I fell in love with this pretty pendant from Currey and Co.

This cute pendant from Regina Andrews.

I bought both of these for the bedrooms at the Madison project!

Whoops....thought you might need a break....a little palate cleanser:) 

Hubba Hubba

Some new Lee Industries styles.  I sat in that chair and it was so comfy!

Randomness for the Antique floor....

I ordered this cute table from Currey and Co for a client....

These benches below from Currey and Co.

Checked out the Loloi rugs for the Madison project!

And I picked out these awesome prints to hang in a bathroom for a client but she couldn't pull the trigger....whaaaaaa.

Oh well.....

On another note....Rose and I shared an Uber with this gal who is a caterer and makes 350 kinds of mac and cheese....holy smokes people

themacmomma on Instagram

Ur welcome.

I wish that stuff would just jump in my mouth right now....gah!

What has everyone got going for the weekend?  I am so behind in work that I see myself working right through it...I guess that is the payment for taking a few days off:)

If I don't say it you guys.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eye candy in the middle of the post, as always we think you're the best! Besides being an awesome designer, you're real, we like you for that :)Keep up the good work, love your posts

Anonymous said...

Love the double black pendants. Would you please share the source?

Linda said...

That plaid rust colored pillow in the first photo!! Love love love it!!! I think I need that in my life!

Linda said...

I mean, the second photo!

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to check out that show offspring thanks for the recommendation!

Judy said...

I gave Offspring a try after you mentioned it in a post...I’m now on season 4 and I too have completely fallen heads over heels for all the characters. I love how this show makes me feel it’s absolutely okay that life can be such an epic mess sometimes, and people are so inadequate and imperfect most of the time. For some reason the way they do it is so flipping reassuring to me. Seriously. I also love the color palette, inspired I assume by Asher Keddie’s coloring, and the charming, funky interiors in Melbourne. About every fifth episode I have a nice purging cathartic cry about some plot development or other. Thanks for tipping me off to this sweet show! Still reading and enjoying your posts!

Judy Brown

Anonymous said...

I love the green art. Can you tell me who the artist is?

Anonymous said...

My heart is palpitating with all those pillows, beautiful!!
I loved "Offspring"! "Rack" is another Aussie show I'd recommend...just so good and funny! I enjoyed, "Call my Agent" it is French with English subtitles. Finishing up "Grace and Frankie" this weekend...just love the interiors/clothing/actors/music (mostly our era). I laugh really,HARD!!

Have a great weekend!


Elstar said...

Love the pillows and green art. But
Judy said it before I could.....Offspring is such a great find! Thank you! All because of you that I tried it. Where do I begin...well, Nina! Kinda want to be Nina. The set design and clothes are the BOMB and it’s just real enough yet just funny enough with a little crazy and intermittent crisis to be addicting!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell the maker of the pendant lamp, and the first bedroom lamp?
They’re beautiful! Thanks.

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry so enjoyed this . Thank you. I am in love with so many of those pillows! The pendants are gorgeous! I am so glad you got to Florida and got away a bit too. Been meaning to leave a comment. I enjoy your blog and think of you all the time! Take care and I hope this is going to be a great year for you. Hugs, Kim

Christina said...

Thank you for recommending Offspring. I love it!!! I am on season 3 now and have many wonderful evenings to look forward to. My recommendation back to you is “Call my agent”. A French show with subtitles, also on Netflix. If you enjoyed Offspring I think you will like this one too!
Also, I am a frequent reader of your blog and Instagram posts, enjoy your posts so much! I don’t comment often enough (sorry...) but please know I am so sorry for what happened lately in your life and I understand you have challenging days a head. Be strong and remember you have so many supporters that you have not even met irl. We route for you!!!
Sending much love through cyberspace

Sandy Petersen said...

Thought about you today Sherry. I was at the Nashville Antique and Garden Show and I was hoping I would run into you! It was an amazing show with so many beautiful pieces. Definately eye candy!! Thanks for sharing and especially all the pictures.. and another reminder that you are in my thoughts and prayers and sending love and support xo

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