Because I love you guys I got my act together on Sunday so I could show you one of the bedroom plans for the Madison Project!

I mean I kind of owe y'all for all of the love you have sent my way:)

There are going to be 2 new of them was the old barn which is the one I am talking about today.

Think black and white with tons of texture.

We will start with the bathroom....

The shower walls are the khaki subway.  The bathroom floors are the large 12 x 24 black ceramic.  The wallpaper is Raphael in kind of a camo colorway with the trim painted SW Tricorn Black.  The vanity will be painted SW Felted Wool with the black Caesarstone countertops.

Mirrors are these turned vertical.

Light fixtures

Then in the bedroom the walls and ceiling are shiplap and painted BM White Dove.

The floors are from Authentic Reclaimed and they are Hudson Black....kind of pumped!

Look at all of this texture!  

Pretty Bernhardt Interiors Cooper Wing Bed.

Nightstands from Noir

Pillows on the bed....Schumacher.

2 wing chairs from Charles Stewart covered in this Larson fabric....with the Schumacher fabric as pillows.

I want to use this rug but the reviews say it sheds like a bugger.  So not sure...

Would look so good against the black floors....

Here is the light fixture

Now I am scurrying around trying to order everything!  Also going to the mart this weekend to look at rugs etc!

The other one is pretty hot also...I will get that together soon!

Y'all remember when I went to Zara....I got this number on sale.  I actually changed out the fabric belt to this BCBG one....which I got at Christmas time for 50% off!

I wore it yesterday and felt pretty sassy:)  I kind of match my room plan above....haha.


I am trying to find out the info about that carpet that all of you have requested.  I can tell you this....we got it at Myers Carpet here in Atlanta so you can call them and share the image.  I am sure they can help you out!



AnneHH said...

Gorgeous design. Cannot wait to see it finished. You are SO GOOD!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

melody said...

Am wondering is the ceasarstone the vanilla noir? I chose that one also and am thinking about a backsplash - the color you are using looks fantastic.

debra @ 5th and state said...


YOU and the design plan 😘


onnery said...

Love the colors of the wallpaper.

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