My view for the last few days.....

I have been visiting a friend in Florida since Friday so I thought I would share my small vaca with you.  Cyndee and I met when I was 24.....I was a flight attendant  and she was 29 working as a gate agent in Baltimore airport!

Fast forward.....43 years later....no point in showing you a picture of us now that we are old....I mean that is just cruel.....

Anyway I was excited to just get away for a few days knowing that difficult times are looming ahead.....

I wore my favorite AG skinny jeans with a white BR t-shirt and this BR jacket and scarf on the airplane.

I packed all clothes that were color co-ordinated.

These really comfy sneakers are Steve madden....

They are knock offs of the Golden Goose sneaks....I am OK with that:)

"You know who" was not happy when I got that suitcase out.....

I was trying to get her to look at me and nope....not happening.

We took a drive to a clothing....and home decor store called Hive.  Lord I was all happy in that place!

These 4 bathrooms with smoking wallpaper!

Pretty place settings....

And some random things that caught my eye!

OK....this precious umbrella!

Then next door you can outfit yourself to match all of that decor....

Palm Beach just has that style....like Bermuda where preppy meets color and fun!

Then we went to a place called Todd Hase and they had a bucket full of vintage furniture that I loved!

I mean come on....these vintage bamboo chairs right?

I put this on Instagram and somebody said it was probably a discontinued Lulu DK fabric!  I say bring it back:)

The last place was called Palm Beach Antiques.

Last night we had dinner at this beach club and I about died over this pecky cypress wall and that amazing fireplace screen!

I love a palm tree against the sky.

 I will be back in the hood Tuesday and I can't wait wait to see Cami:)



Melissa said...

Old friendships are the best! Looks like great shopping.

I know you are stressed about what looms ahead but my experience with these things is that the anticipation is always MUCH worse than the actual event. Once you’re one the other side of it you’ll feel much better. Praying for you a peaceful resolution. You got this!

Su-z said...

Cami breaks my heart! Our pups have the same look when the suitcase comes out. What great shopping - thanks for sharing it with us. I love those green placemats, and I usually don’t like my greens that vibrant.

debra @ 5th and state said...

what the doc ordered!
suddenly feeling like taking the van to palm beach, pronto, to shop vintage!

Anonymous said...

I've been to the Hive a couple times, drool worthy for sure. Hopefully you got over to Dixie Hwy where all the swanky resale shops are. There's a great little Swedish coffee shop nearby Johan's Joes if you get back down here. Pamela

barbara said...

Glad you were able to have fresh scenery, it does a body good...Nice that you have such a long time friend to visit-
Cami will be ecstatic when you return home!

Sending Prayers to you Sherry

Dian Owens said...

Wow! Very appealing merchandise and decor. I love everything about that pecky cypress wall and fireplace, too! Thanks for sharing.

Gail Storti said...

Nothing better than a fun get away weekend with a good girlfriend to soothe your worried mind. Sending my love and support for your upcoming divorce meeting. I do have to agree that thinking about it is often worse than the actual event. You’ve got this, Sherry! Love all those fab shopping finds. You find the best stuff!

Mimi said...

So happy you got away! Nothing like the sea and a bit of shopping therapy to calm the soul.
This too shall pass. Lean on your friends, and know that we are here just for that..
Love everything you posted. The pillows are killing me!!

Katherine said...

The pillow fabric is Lulu DK "Moondance". It is very pretty.
Am thinking about you & sending positive vibes to your for upcoming meetings.

Tn Rva Grl Susan Tucker said...

I know I am late posting, but this was an amazing post!!!! Lately I've been "giddy" over all Vintage things with texture, Bamboo, Rattan, etc. I'm really in to it! A trip to WPB very soon is in the making with a friend of mine and I can't wait.
Over the Moon you had some "Friend Therapy".
Deep breaths Sister, Once you get this out of the way, your Healing will begin. We are ALL on "TEAM SHERRY"!
So impressed with you throughout this entire process.
Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us. Much LOVE and PRAYERS every single day for you.

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