Well it's that time of year when no one is reading blogs but the I'm still going to crank out a meager attempt of a before and after.....except when you get to the end and you are waiting for the big might leave you scratching your head.

What I mean is it's not quite finished but that is because it is out in Boulder and I can't just scoot over and get a few quick shots.

Here is where we started....I think you will remember this one [you can read about the plan here and here ].

I know we were all in agreement that this was not a bad bathroom and with maybe a new light fixture it and some magic zhushing she could be purdy.

So I put together a plan right here in Atlanta that Greg would implement in Boulder for me!  He's talented like that:)

Starting with the floors.....

That large hex tile is so pretty in person trust me!

The shower got a new look with the blue gray subway tile.

We had to tweak the counter top selection....but then the Thibaut wallpaper went up and everyone agreed it might be the star of the show!

I selected the Kohler Purist faucet in black.

And these beautiful Circa Lighting sconces....

These hammered cabinet knobs...

And here is where the story takes a dive....this is the most recent shot.

The vanity had just been painted so it looks a little green but actually it's a dark gray.

I turned the lights off so you could get a better idea of the cabinet color.  

It's sad..... not to see it all ready for it's closeup but that is the problem with long distance decorating right?

We need the mirror and a cool rug at the very least!  I'm working one it.....

Sunday I went to my friends house for our annual "secret santa" lunch.  Her table was beautiful....

We had a try on session with her new coat which was so pretty!

I wore my plaid J Crew shirt with an animal scarf which was a hit!  My shoes were Naturalizer and they are so comfy!

I'm off to Bach Fitness and today is leg day....ugh.

Thanks to everyone who gave me some good suggestions for what to watch next.  After this week of the "before Christmas craziness" I plan on relaxing next week and maybe do some binge watching!

Thanks for all of your comments and words of support :)

Sheriky freaky


cnoel said...

I'm still reading! Love it! Awesome scarf.

Mel said...

Still here! Although I can’t keep up with ALL the blogs this time of year, yours is must read. Your realness and humor keep me coming back for more- and for course the beautiful rooms and stylish outfits. Maybe this year isn’t the merriest for you but I hope it is at least a peaceful one!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfit and the bathroom! Would you mind sharing the name of that subway tile? It’s gorgeous!

Jeanine said...

Love the outfit and the bath remodel! Inspired!

Britt said...

I have been reading your blog for years and it is one of the only ones I still read weekly. You are MAGIC. It is amazing what you can do in any room, and you consistently turn out beautiful spaces. You have such a gift! I'm so sorry for all you're going through right now and am praying for you. Keep being beautiful and making beautiful spaces and sharing it all here please! You're a bright spot for me and many others!

Pat D. said...

I wish it was as easy as you make it seem in the way you turn a room around. So many followers look forward to your blog to see what you are up to. Think of all the joy you bring to others, and with that, I hope you are peaceful though out the holidays. All the best for 2020. Take care...get much needed rest.

Anonymous said...

The bathroom is stunning. Every detail is perfection. Love looking at your design work.

Patty M said...


Love the bathroom...great transformation!!

The leopard scarf with your plaid J Crew that too!!

Thanks for blogging thru the holidays.

debra @ 5th and state said...

YOU are my fav Blog Girlfriend!

So what a hot mama you are Ms Sherry, looking so great......maybe I could even be influenced to exercise if I could look like you :-)

anyways, that bath...smashing!


Gail Storti said...

I would never miss one of your posts, unless you didn’t do a post, then I would miss it! I need your sense of humor at this crazy time of year, so please...So please don’t stop. Bathroom is looking great, love your whole outfit down to those cute comfy red shoes. Wishing you holiday cheer!

Dian Owens said...

The Boulder project is looking so good! The wallpaper is killer! Your outfits are always so cute.

Rebecca said...

Love, love, love your jeans! Brand please.

TnRvaGRL said...

I can't imagine life without you and your blog!!!
The bath is gorgeous!! I am really digging the large Hex tile these days.
I love your content and the fact you share your life with us!! The get together looked like SO much fun.. Her table was beautiful.
Sending much love and big "Take your breath away" Hugs to you!!

onnery said...

Aren't you stylin' girl. Enjoy!!

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