I hope everyone went out and bought a sequin skirt.....you need a little sparkle in your life:)

If anything.... you saw different ways to put it together!  Just so you know....I have tried it on with a denim jacket and that works also.....

So how was everyones weekend?  I am sad to report my wreath is still sitting on my front porch waiting to be hung.  Darn.....I had every intention of getting it up.

On the other hand I did check on 2 projects [Friar Tuck and Madison] that I'm working on and I will have updates for you maybe on Friday. 

Yesterday I had an art install....12 pieces of art got hung.  Art and accessories  will always pull a room together.....tip of the day:)

I almost forgot to show you the small bathroom update that went along with the bedroom I posted about last week.

Again I did not get any good before shots but you can definitely tell that with the few small changes it looks so much better!


The first thing was picking a color to have the vanity painted [it was showing a lot of wear] and I know you can guess that I decided to go dark.  I'm so predictable.  I love the countertop so I played off that!

And of course the floor was neutral.....so I chose SW Black Fox

So much better huh?

Then I picked a very subtle wallpaper from Schumacher.

Since the countertop is kind of a focal point I did not want anything to compete with it.  Only one "star" in the room!

Alright let's just zhush it a little.....

Hi there!

Some pretty things in a nice textured basket!

A pretty orchid and hand towel....

And a flat weave rug.

Towels from West Elm.  They are just for looks as they were thin as a Kleenex:)

....all better now.

16 short days until Christmas...shocking!
I have 2 Christmas parties.....My sister is having one because she is so excited about her new LR, DR, and office that I  completed for the spring ORC!  I love that:)

Hope you all can take a moment in the next 2 weeks to be grateful for all that you have....if you are struggling with life....this is what I try to do....think of someone who has it worse that you.  For instance when I see a homeless person....that always sparks a huge dose of gratitude.....to quit worrying about what I don't have.

I'll be back on Friday with some project updates!



home Barbara said...

I totally agree with your advice. I've always tried to follow one simple rule. Anytime I feel envious of those with more, I simply turn around and look at those with less. Haven't always followed that rule, but when I do it adjusts my perspective well. Think of you often, my friend. Hope you know how proud your followers are of you and how you have handled the past difficult weeks. This too shall pass. And the holiday hoopla will be over soon.

Gail Storti said...

You worked wonders with that bathroom. I hated the countertops in the before, but after you waved your magic wand, I love it, it looks very chic! Yes, we do have so much to be grateful for and a quick reminder of people who are really struggling brings things into perspective very quickly. One small thing I’m grateful for are the wonderful blogs I follow that bring a bit of joy to my day. Thank you Sherry for making me laugh, after all, isn’t that the best medicine?

Sally said...

What is the name of the wallpaper? Everything looks great!

Dian Owens said...

Wow! SW Black Fox is beautiful with the dramatic countertop, and the wallpaper is elegant. A Christmas tree eats up too much floor space in my cottage home, so I put a slim tree in the outside corner of my large screened back porch. It is decorated woodsy with clear lights, small snowy owls, clear iridescent ornaments and small gold pine cones. It can be seen from the dining and living rooms and from one direction from the street. Then I put up a small swag of live magnolia branches on the front door and a pine and magnolia wreath one the side yard gate. Less stress is best for my Christmas decorating style. I prefer spending time with family and friends through the holidays.

cindy hattersley design said...

Hi Sherry
I have been thinking about you and hoping you will be able to make it out to see Mary Ann and I. I am loving those fun counters in the small baths. As usual you worked your magic!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, bought the black/silver sequin skirt from Nordies. It's the more A-line one that flatters my physique (not built for pencil skirts, he, he). Just got it the other day and it is fabulous. Thanks to you Sherry for inspiring me to get outside my comfort zone. You get it dear girl!

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