Well it had to happen....the weekend came to an end.  It's back to work.

I think I mentioned on Friday that my 2 sisters and I put on a shower for my niece who is getting married in August.  We got there early Sat morning to set up [it started at noon] and it was like herding cats....we were all over the place.  Lucky for us my sister in law was there to reign us in and we were lighting candles at 11:45.

Indulge me for a family moment....:)

I went to the flower mart on Friday and put together 12 arrangements that afternoon....note to self....get more greenery.

The colors were blush tones....I did larger arrangements for the head table and some smaller ones for the 4 tops.

We served Aperol Spritz cocktails  and they were pretty good!

Did you know that you can't find pretty paper anywhere?  Nope....not anywhere.
So I got creative and for the menus....

I found a stock photo of flowers and then just did them myself.

I also found blush napkins [12 for 4.99!] and then Sat morning made these cards.....who am I?  Seriously.

I am sure there is a picture of me somewhere but I found this dress at Marshalls for 49.00 [I wanted to match the colors] and wore my trusty white lace sneakers. 

I'm nothing if not concerned about comfort but with style...haha!

My sister had some posters made of them....

How cute are they....

In other news....on the design front I was working on some styling at a project....

Some before shots....

Added shelves and shiplap


Adding just a few elements

This is the prettiest butlers pantry leading to the outdoor living and pool area.

This gorgeous window is opposite of the shelves.

On the cooking front.....don't get excited....I use the term cooking is a tidbit for you.

I have posted this before but I feel like you weren't paying attention.

#1.  Trader Joe's salmon.  Cast Iron pan.  No spray.  Season with some sea salt.....etc.

#2. Veggies.  Broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes and brussel sprouts.  Season with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and what ever your heart desires.


#4.  Set the timer for 20 min.  Do not open the oven.  

#5.  Spread a little of this on the fish! [Trader Joes]


There you have been schooled.

I'll let you know when I start my cooking classes....hahahaha.



onnery said...

I am paying attention. First,the shoes and dress are perfect, and I love your floral creations, menus, and thank you cards. That butler's pantry is my want! Bonnie G.

Barbara said...

Just love all your designs! Especially this butlers pantry. Could you tell me the name of the countertop material that was used in this kitchen? I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Love all of this post! Such beauty! Thank you!

Lisa Lee said...

Love this post! Source for the blush napkins? thanks!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I paid attention and made your salmon before...but this is a good reminder to make it again! And with the oven temp instructions.
How great the brunch menu sounds!

Desert Diva said...

The shower pictures are just beautiful and I love what you wore. No matter what you do, you always ‘hit a home run.’

Maribeth said...

I read all your posts BUT everything in this one soooo relevant to me right now!!!
Daughter's shower flowers and colors and printed info. DONE DONE DONE. Making the salmon tonight. hanks a million.

Gail Storti said...

What a beautiful shower, everything looked so perfect, even your cute dress! Your shelf styling is wonderful! It’s amazing how just moving things around, adding and subtracting a few items can make such a difference. And that butlers pantry would be my dream. My broiler is so hot that I’d have charcoal if I broiled something for 20 minutes. But I’ll try to adapt it!

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