It seems like rattan furniture is not just for summer homes in Florida and Nantucket anymore!

It's making a strong comeback and if you need texture in a room....and EVERY room does.....then a little rattan can help with that!

Let's review....

In my own house here are a few examples....

This coffee table is ancient....and by that I mean I have had it forever!  But it still works for me and definitely gives me that shot of texture in this room!

In my keeping area.....more texture with the chairs and old french basket....

And in my family room....the rattan stool made the there you have it......

Let's start with lighting.  There is nothing I like better than a basket light fixture.....

single pendant
2 pendants

How about a mirror?  This is a great way to add texture especially in a bathroom....

#1 mirror
#2 mirror
#3 mirror
#4 mirror

Another small way to get the texture is using barstools.  Below are some fun examples I found that won't break the bank!  Also.... I love that you could add a fun fabric on the white one!


Y'all remember I used texture in my One Room Challenge with some occasional chairs.

# one
# two
# three

How about adding a small stool stacked with books as a side table?  Small investment but big returns.....

# one
# two
# three
# four

Like my rattan basket coffee table the one below would be perfect.  We used the bench in the House Beautiful showhouse but recovered it with some vintage fabric.  The nightstand is great and I hope to have a project soon to use this Suzanne Kasler collection from Ballard Designs.  The small table is another perfect example.....

# one
# two
# three
# four

The HB showhouse with the rattan bench.

My One Room Challenge using rattan occassional chairs!

I could go on....but I think you get it.  I'm known for even after making the sale to keep pressing on my point....haha.

We watched "When They See Us" on Netflix and it was so good.  So well made a a little disturbing to watch but well worth it.

I highly recommend it. 

I have my nieces shower this Saturday so my sister and I have been so busy brainstorming!! We have to bring our A Game:)  

I'm in charge of flowers so I made up a couple to get the look we wanted....vintage....romantic....

I have to do 10 vases.....stress!  Let it be said that I am no floral designer.....

Talk Friday people.....



kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Sherry love everything and your house! It's beautiful and totally my style with your mix of black, white and the natural textures. I have always loved wicker and rattan and my husband even chants 'wicker makes me sicker,' because I am always finding something in it. LOL. Well, I think it's a classic and it always looks great. When I was in Belgium and Holland a few summers ago, they have it everywhere and made me like it even more. It's such a summer look too! I think I need this bench for the new entry of my house. Love to cover it like you did with that stripe. I also want to add two chairs to the end of my dining table. It's black steel and iron with linen covered chairs, but I think wicker chairs or something at each end would look good and I ordered a chandelier from Serena & Lily with natural beads so maybe that would pull it all together?

Enjoy the shower I am sure the flowers will look amazing with you doing them. I will look for this show, thanks for the recommendation! Have a great week. Kim

Anonymous said...


Carolyn said...

Can you fix the link to the second rattan mirror?...I am really interested in the second one pictured! Thank you, thank you!

Carolyn said...

Can you fix the link to the second rattan mirror?...I am really interested in the second one pictured! Thank you, thank you!

cindy hattersley design said...

I so agree about texture and love the addition of a little rattan. I have that same stool you have linked to, have used those pendants and I am thinking about adding rattan headboards in my guest room and or counter stools in my kitchen. Thanks for the links!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

You are the master mixer! I love rattan, too. It’s versatile! Your home is always lovely friend. 😘

Unknown said...

I have been thinking about rattan since you posted your sister's home re-do for the ORC. Those bookcases looked sad at the store but so nice in her finished rooms.

The bouquets are pretty. The vintage vibe is well-done. Maybe some dusty miller for the pretty gray leaves?

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