I wish I could say I was productive on the  weekend but....well..... I wasn't.  

I think I just needed a weekend with no agenda.

We went to see Rocketman on Friday night....and if you like Elton John's music then you are in luck.  It's different than Bohemian Rhapsody with a "broadway musical" theme but I found myself singing every song!

First movie in a theatre since La La Land in 2016.

I have been busy putting together a few design boards for the new Boulder flip so that means I am all over the internet searching for cute reasonable things:)

I always forget about CB2.....so wish they had a store nearby.

Anyway let's review.....

Sofas....both of these please.  That white one with the textural fabric....uh huh.

Cutest tables....one modern and one classic.

That black cabinet is a file cabinet.  Hello.....

That first black mirror is definitely on my radar.  I told a client to order it but now that I have put it out there it will probably be out of stock.  #snoozeyoulose

 Every. Single. One. Of. Those. Chairs.  
With the rattan one on the top of the list!

That rust colored pillow is MOHAIR!  I mean.....

Some sweet accessories.....

And.....black and white goodness!

Some excellent rugs worth exploring  at CB2

This pretty little number below.....

Well there you have it.  Anyone buying?

So...no workout this morning.  I almost died yesterday doing upper body.  Doubt I will be able to comb my hair this morning from soreness:)



Anonymous said...

There is a rug by Alexander McQueen called Chiaroscuro. It is way outside my budget, unfortunately. I have been looking for something with a similar mood for my small library. This floral rug is perfect! I just ordered it in 6x9. Thank you, Sherry!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

So funny I literally just wrote a post about mirrors for my baths from CB2! I loved some of the same ones. They really have some nice things now don't they? I love all your choices here and even the sofas are so cute. I am wondering if I have a place for that rattan mirror. It's fun and reminds me of one we had in the 70s as a kid. Always love your posts. Glad you got some time to do nothing - you deserve it after all you've been up to! Have a great week. Kim

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