I was so excited when I saw that Sophie Donelson's..... [former "editor extraordinare"..... for House Beautiful magazine] home was featured on Apartment Therapy.  

I've been in this business for 25 years and can't remember a time when there was this much ruckus over removing an editor. 

I met Sophie while working on the Showhouse that was built in can read about it here 
and she definitely has a playfulness about her that makes you realize why she was good at her job.  

We were one week away from the October 2018 opening party of the Whole House Concept  [Sophie's baby] when the news broke about her departure and to say there was an uproar in the design community is putting it mildly


She definitely pushed the limits with HB which was a formulaic traditional shelter magazine when she took over.....turning it into a fun "think outside the box" design magazine.....featuring fresh young designers.... lots of color....and in my opinion a more approachable design point of view.

Her home definitely has a curated.....collected look..... not a perfectly styled "designers home" which she clearly admits in the article.  With 2 boys she and her husband live in 1200 square feet and it definitely works.

I think you will enjoy her whimsical style that in my opinion fits her we're besties or something which is not even the slightest truth. 

The exterior of the Queens apartment.  So classic right?

The living room....looks like there is plenty of space for 2 boys to hang out....which is important when living in 1200 sq ft.

My favorite thing is the trim around the windows which she painted a different color.  It is almost like adding art but without taking up visual space.  That rug and the white palm tree are pretty cool also.

This is the true meaning of why layering with books, art, plants and accessories help to add interest to a space.  Study it people.....

The pencil in the corner:)

The dining room looks like it could double for a homework space also.  Love the wall of books....warms up any area and I found myself looking to see what she is reading #curious

She shared the before of the kitchen

Quite the difference huh?  Love the warmth the cabinet color brings.

One of her boys rooms....

Love the classic traditional bench under the window!

It looks like this apartment has plenty of light and even though I am a "white wall gal"....I can appreciate the deeper hues of the pastel colors she used.  

More light in this pretty bathroom....

The small guest room just sings with this Tilton Fenwick [Duralee] 

I have to share with you that I had originally picked this fabric for the master bedroom of the HB showhouse I worked on and when I found out that she had used it in her house it made me just a little giddy.

Even though 1200 square feet of space seems small [I live in 2200 sq feet] you make it work in NYC.....where space is at a premium.

Anyway....I thought y'all might enjoy a little fanciful decor on  "fun friday" :)

Tonight I will be putting together 10 or more flower arrangements for the shower....pray for me because I am clumsy as a 4 year old with this crap.


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kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Love her style! I was really sad to hear she had left HB. I always appreciated her Editor's Letter and I think she made the magazine fun and current. What is she doing now? I don't like HB as it is currently. Seems pretty generic.

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