Y'all I had the most relaxing weekend....up at Lake Burton with friends!

Just 48 hours but damn I needed it......Saturday it rained ALL day.  I never got out of my jammies [taking a shower and putting them back on ha ha]

I looked at design magazines, got on was wonderful.

We drank and good for the soul right?

As you can see by 6:30 I only had this many steps!

Monday was tough.

As I mentioned.....I am in the middle of 2 bath renovations.

#1 before  

Scary huh?  

Here is the plan.  Take out the tub and make it a shower.  After it was gutted we managed to find 12" to make the ceilings 9 ft.  That was a miracle!

Painting the vanity one of my

Here is the tile from Renaissance Tile. 

Bathroom #2 [before] is directly across the hall.

We are taking out the wall separating the tub/toilet  with the vanity.

Adding a window for some much needed light!  After I made this board I went out on a limb and proposed that the vanity be painted SW Tidewater.  

Cement Tile from Renaissance Tile

And they went with it!  Whoop.  I'm pretty stoked about that.

I still have to pick out hardware and accessories....

Back to me......the other day I was at my favorite consignment store Swoox and picked up this art by Joe Adams

It was supposed to be for a client but I got greedy and kept it for myself:)

That is the bad part of shopping for other people right?

That prompted me to take a few other shots around mi casa.

When I was at Market a few weeks ago I was looking at the gorgeous fixture from Circa Lighting.  The guy said to send him a picture of my DR and he would show me what it would look like!

Existing fixture is the Darlana Pendant 

But then the thought of explaining to my husband why I purchased a new DR light brought me back to reality.


Because when I mentioned that I was going to renovate the master bath in the near future..... it sent him spiraling.....crikey.

Oh's still gonna happen:)



Mary said...

Husbands! #dreamkillers

Anonymous said...

|You guys are too much! #dreamkillers indeed. Love your sense of humour Sherry not to mention your talent.

Ms.JayQue said...

Sherry that light is absolutely over the top!! (tee hee couldn't resist). But seriously tho, fabulous and yeah, #dreamkillers indeed.

leviheart said...

Everything is just fine and dandy, until he says NO!! LOL
That mirror in your entry is gorgeous. Can you tell me about it?

JewelKat said...

1. I almost had a wreck when I passed that fixture in their window the other day. Love it! 2. Love everything you do! Julie

Mary Ann Pickett said...

It's so fun looking at your ideas at work!

Jesica Macdroff said...

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Adam said...

Awesome progress! I love the tiles you chose and the decor for the bathroom. They all come together very nicely. Great job!

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for giving me an idea. This is very helpful for me. I'll try this on my Mid Rise Condo. Thank you very much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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