I'm sitting here in a dither trying to decide what to write about today.  Here's the  problem.... I am in the middle of so many projects but I feel like showing you bare drywall and unfinished spaces is pretty lame.'s looking like this might be the case plus if I answer a few questions then all might be forgiven.....maybe?

The wood dresser in the post "Design Plan" is from the Hooker Skyline collection.  The rug is from Silver Creek.

I do have a few other details [on this same project] to share so I will try to keep it interesting.....:)

The master bath room before.... with that gorgeous view of the river but clearly outdated.

 Took down the wallpaper and added trim!

Giving a space some architectural details is always a good idea!

Painted the vanity BM White Dove

Whoa....slight game changer.... plus new hardware!

Also if you look at the before picture there are sconces which we are replacing with these from Circa Lighting.

Trying to bring the glamour back!

Back to the bedroom.....against this back wall is the seating area....

Here are the fabrics.....

The sofa and 2 chairs were previously in the LR
A pretty gray blue velvet for the sofa and the chair fabric is actually a cream color [shown like that so you can see the pattern]

And opposite of the seating area on the other side of the bed.....a chaise from CR Laine with a Kravet performance fabric on know the singing and dancing fabric:)....haha  And the Bungalow 5 white textured dresser.
So lots of blues and creams.....

Sheer linen curtains with this pretty trim on it....
I mentioned before that the ceilings were painted BM Glass Slipper and the walls are BM White Dove.

Here is an almost finished picture of the bedroom entry....light fixture goes in today....door knobs soon!  I still can't get over how much better the plain doors look with the added trim.

It has been a long time since I have done a pretty traditional room like this!  Hopefully I can hold off any more pictures until it is finished.

I'm sure all 10 of you are yawning by now.....tis the season I guess:)



Anonymous said...

I actually really enjoyed the in-process photos. Sometimes I see the before and the after but cannot follow the trail of decisions that got you from one image to the other. Insight into the how and why of the decisions along the way is actually very helpful and interesting.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? Your blog is ALWAYS fun to read - - no matter what the subject! You're the best!

Mary said...

If you think you’ve run out of material to write about there’s always Cami.

Unknown said...

I think you are shamazing !! Always look forward to reading your funny and full of design awesomeness posts. Thank you for taking your time to share !!! I have been inspired and learned so much ❤️

rnelson said...

Are you kidding? You are never boring. So wanting to change out trim on our main floor. Going to be daunting task but I know worth the effort. Thanks for inspiration.

Pat said...

Really enjoy reading your posts, and as mentioned above - seeing the in between stages are as good as the before/after!

Kathy said...

Always a good read! I really like the fabric choices for the sofa and chaise. Is it possible to get the names of both fabrics.

Anonymous said...

love that drawer pull for bath update, vendor? AND your blog is a HOOT, i read daily, keep it up

Susan T said...

Your blog is the best! Always so funny and informative. I Love the in-between pics as well. ALL of us have fallen head over heels for Cami. Keep um coming!

michele said...

Oh Sherry, all this elegance and breathtaking blue is a soothing vacation for the eyes and soul. I love what you're doing and the fabrics and palette--truly classic and soothing. If this is the stuff of yawns, count your Pajamanista silly sleepy girlfriend ALL IN. xox

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