Hey y'all.....hope you had a great weekend!  

After my extremely busy week I finally hit the wall on Sat night and went to sleep at 8:30.....awaking Sunday morning at 8:45!  Whew....that felt awesome.

I am trying to tie up loose ends so I can leave for Highpoint on Thursday.  I'm so excited to stay in my 1.5 star Hotel with my girl Jennifer.  Uh huh....that is what happens when you wait to late to make your reservations.

I will be paying 250.00@night for all of that luxury also.  I feel kind of shallow complaining though so I will just shut up now.

The other day I was going through some pictures of my house and I thought I would share a transition of the small keeping area with you!

In the beginning [1993] This space was used as a kitchen dining area.

There is a table and chairs under the light fixture. What stands out to me are those horrible orange red oak floors. Please remember this was 24 years ago.

I am going to try and put these in order.....but I know there was much more "uglyness" in between!

The next ones that I can find are the shots from Better Homes and Gardens taken in 2011 by Sara Dorio [styled by Annette Joseph] and written by my friend Lisa Mowry.

I moved out the dining table and had the smaller drop leaf made. And of course the quote above will be in a design textbook soon...hahahaha

Added the cafe curtains for softness.

I hired Christina Wedge to take a few images of my house.....Same angle as the BH&G shoot but changed up a few things....lamp, art and of course pillows.


Not sure where this image fits in but it was before the "new chair"!

You can see I am leaning towards more neutrals.... is the Lee Industries chair I got on super sale from Stanton Home Furnishings.

Large french basket came back in
Color returns for a hot minute I think.....

Back to neutrals....are you dizzy yet?

More changes:)  I had a slipcover made.....

I know this was at Christmas time and believe it or not.... it's my most pinned image and the post that has had the most traffic ever!  Weird. 

The neutrals are here to stay. curtains are gone.....different light fixture, different pillows but the furniture has remained constant!
Photography by Anthony-Masterson

It feels like there were a lot of changes but the table, 2 chairs and basket have been there forever!

I am sure you guys have ton's of the same issue around your home right?



Lisa in Florida said...

Hello. Really enjoyed watching the changes you have made over time. Even though I don't keep track of all my changes, I love to tweak a look. The new curtains are very nice too.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

I so love that space....have fun at High Point...I plan to go sometime this weekend...luckily I live about 50 minutes away and do not have to deal with the 1.5 star hotels....never understood why there aren't more nicer hotels in the area!

Reviving Charm said...

Hi Sherry,
I love seeing your changes over the years. I guess a designers work is never done and when we're bombarded with all the latest and greatest it's easy to get tired of things least that's my problem. And I'm facing that with my guest room which, by the way, is being redone again! Have fun at HP. Looking forward to seeing what's new there.

Anonymous said...

What brand were the wingback chairs with the long slipcovers?

You are a brave girl for staying at the 1.5 star hotels. I read reviews and talk myself out of many hotels based on the reviews. :)

Anonymous said...

The Pierce Martin chairs are classics!

Enjoy HP.....housing it tough there!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Ok...that was fun! I like to switch it up, too. Thanks for the inspiration, Sherry!

Cindy said...

That was fun! Kinda cool to see what kept making the cut... and i love that big ole basket!


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