So much going on this week!

Don't get me wrong..... I am aware that everyone's life is probably crazy also but the amount of things that went awry was epic.  Lost fabrics, fabrics being sent to the wrong place, back orders and so on.


But..... I'm here to say that a few things went right.  I tried to order a coffee table but I couldn't find it on the website any more......so I did what any dogged designer would do and found it at an online store.  

All good right?  Nope.  A few days later there was the dreaded email that it had been discontinued and they were sending me a full refund.

What?  No!  Unacceptable.

I couldn't let it go.....now I had convinced myself it was the perfect coffee table and it was this one or nothing.

I happened to remember that this vendor has a local store here in Georgia.....so I placed a call to inquire if they had one on the floor.  She said no but a truck had just come in and she would call me back.

Lawd......guess what?  There was one on the truck and since it was discontinued she gave it to me 1/2 price.

Can you believe it?  

It was my client/friend's birthday weekend.  Happy freaking birthday gurrrrrrrl.

But wait.....it gets better.  Part 2 of the "things went right" story.

This is the dining room table.  We need chairs and seriously I have looked everywhere for something that was #1 reasonably priced and #2 the perfect chair.  Again with the perfection.....

Here were some of the contenders.

I saw these at Dixon Rye and realized I wanted black.

So I found these on Ballard's website which I liked.....
Then I saw these and got all sweaty!  Loved!

But heck.....the price was up there with the national debt.  No Bueno.

Another one that I saw at the Furniture Market. And 764 others.   

You might be thinking that I obsess this hard for every client....well yes I do but this one happens to be my friend so I felt it was my duty to "find the deal".

If you're still with me....here is where the story gets good!  I was on my way to pick up the coffee table and decided to swing by the Ballard Outlet just for grins.

They were having a 40% sale and thought "what if I find 6 chairs" [slim chance].....but came around the corner and saw these.....

OK.....so she loves mid century modern.....these are definitely mid century but more traditional.  I sent her this text....which was actually just a courtesy because I already had the hold tag on them.

So I furiously sent her 10 pictures [from pinterest] of these chairs shown in a dining room situation.  Then.... I discovered that they were 60% off [126.00 ea] and at that point there was nothing she could say to prevent me from getting them.   


Happy Birthday Melissa:)

And that is how a hard week actually turned into a good week.




Calypso In The Country said...

That's too good of a deal. Love them!

Devaney said...

I have those chairs and love them! I actually only bought 2 but need 2 more and am stalking Ballard for when they go to 30% off again. I need to live near a Ballard outlet :(

MyNottingHill said...

Congrats on everything that went right!! Love your finds.

Kathryn said...

I just have to tell you that I wait for your posts every Tuesday and Friday.........you are my favorite blogger and I follow a whole boat load of blogs.......anyway just wanted to say thanks for sharing. You are ahead of the curve on style and I gain so much information about what's happening in the design world. So a big thank you for a gal in the Midwest.

Kathryn said...

From a gal in the Midwest.......Wisconsin to be exact.

Scribbler said...

At $75 per chair you can bargain hunt for me any time!

brenda murphy said...

Always love your posts! when I check out my inbox, I open yours first! Yay, so fun and always beautiful informed content. Go girl!

designchic said...

Nobody works harder for their client! Love this story and of course the chairs and coffee table were PERFECT! Happy Sunday ~

kural said...

looking good

Anonymous said...

The shagreen coffee table is cool...it's incredible how that worked out!

LMoore said...

If she doesn't want those chairs I do!

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