So here we are in the middle of October.  Can you freaking believe it?  It's like time was "walking" and now it's on "rollerblades"......speeding along at a rapid pace.  

I say "slow the heck down mister"!

The other night when I got home from Highpoint my husband went into the bathroom and I decided to hide around the corner and scare him when he walked out.  Y'all it was so funny my legs went weak from laughing so hard and I fell to the floor.  

I seriously thought he was going to hit me but I was quick and ran:)  God.....I love a good scare!

OK....I have some random inspiration with pictures and thoughts from my 3 days in Highpoint for you today.

First up was CR Laine and they were sporting some green!

I took these because I LOVE this bench....with the curved arm and straight legs.

Over at Lee Industries some pretty chairs!

Lee has tons of "relaxers" now!

I love this application with the stripe fabric in different directions.

And the spacing of the nailheads here.....

 I still saw lots of blue and I love it mixed with tan.

Next up are pillows from Ryan Studio

Could have spent all day in this booth:)

I love this modern take on the spool chair from Noir.

This gallery wall from Soicher Marin gave me some good inspiration!

Took a tour at Bernhardt where I think they had 500 new introductions to the line!

Loved the shape of this banquet below.

The chair below was a swivel and SO comfy! Looks like a big marshmallow right? 

Y'all have seen me post about this Currey and Co piece in black but this finish was new to the market.

Oly got me all giddy with this gorgeous color!

For all you romantics out there.....

This color is still a fav.

What ch'all think about pink and orange?

More yellow tones......

There was so much more but I am afraid you've fallen asleep with your coffee in your hand by now.

Well wake the heck up......it's FRIDAY!



debra @ 5th and state said...

Noooooo, we would LOVE TO SEE MUCH MORE!
I missed the show this year, and love looking via your eyes!

john's mom said...

Hi Debra, a quick question. Can you identify the wallpaper in the "romantic" bedroom that looks like clouds?

Fingers crossed,

john's mom said...

Hi Debra, quick question. Can you identify the wall paper in the "romantic" bedroom that looks like clouds?

Fingers crossed!

Catherine said...

Love the green, love the bench. Not loving Bernhardt's stuff. I will own that Curry & Co piece in black some day. Thanks for a sneak peak into HP.

michele said...

The modern spool chair. Yes. But white? "She's so daring, that Hello Lovely" said nobody. Ever. And the tufted Oly thing. Here's my honest reaction: Could I justify buying that if I resume a psychotherapy private practice? And then. Would it be pretty in white? Oy. You're sunshine on a cloudy day, Missus Highpoint Star. xox

Unknown said...

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