Y'all it is still so hot here....90 degrees.  I had a keratin treatment about 6 weeks ago and now my hair is a hot mess again.....but I feel kind of like a chump complaining about hair when there are people without homes in Texas and Puerto Rico.

So sad.

I hope some of you have had a chance to get to the Serenbe Showhouse.  I know you enjoyed the last group of pictures so I am here to serve with more!

This gorgeous space by Elizabeth Ferguson

You guys know  this room spoke to me with the neutrals, texture and eclectic feel.

This beautiful space was designed by Jena Salmon who actually picked out all the elements of both homes meaning tile, fixtures, and kitchens and baths.

I mean who doesn't like a room full of blue right?

My friend Teri Duffy had me in mind when when designed this black and white space:)

Beautiful Schumacher curtain fabric.....

The blue rug took us into the bathroom which followed with a vanity of the same hues and black and white floors.

Hubba hubba.....

Up the stairs was some fantastic art by Blayne Beacham Macauley
I've known Blayne from the blogging community and  I'm so excited for her success in the art world!  

So good!

Another impressive space by my good friends Julie Montgomery and Michele Gratch [Montgomery Gratch Interiors]

And last we have a room from my favorite consignment store Swoox Interiors!

Yeah.....I could pretty much dive into this space right?

And there you have it....Open through Sunday October 8th.

What's going on for you guys the rest of the week?




Jodi said...

Any way to source the sofa in Elizabeth Ferguson's room?
I'm looking for a deep seated smaller sofa? This one looks to be
exactly what I am searching for. Thanks!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a great consignment store!! Next time my husband goes to Atlanta, I am tagging along! He was just there last week. My hair will look limp and scraggly in humidity. :)

Anonymous said...

Where are those awesome brown/black bed throw pillows from?

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