So glad you enjoyed Kelly's home....I was afraid that the shots were so small you might not see the goodness but y'all are amazing with your vision:)

Yes.... that black sisal is all I can think of.  I found some area rugs on Overstock.

But first you have to paint your floors white.....oh wait....I have white floors:)  Hee Haw

Now I just need some stairs.....

I went to my curtain install and fortunately my measuring skills were on point.

This office is painted BM Hale Navy.

The Hudson Valley Gaines light fixture is perfect for this space.

We ordered this Hooker Desk

And this rug.....

Which looks more gray than it really is as you will see.

For the curtains I just used a light gray/taupe linen with a navy tape down the sides.

Black iron hardware.....

The rug.

He had these chairs which were perfect for this space.

It's coming together nicely....just needs some accessories and a large piece of art behind the desk.

We are still working on this room but I love the deep rich colors....SW Urbane Bronze

You remember this.....

Circa Lighting Ralph Lauren light fixture! Thibaut textured wallpaper.

Arteriors leather ottoman

Still need a sofa.....this design business takes time!

In the basement I installed the pillows after the sectional came....

Still looking for barstools....

Gorgeous Charles Stewart sectional covered in Crypton fabric.

Waiting for the large leather ottoman and a few other accessories before this space is finished!

The other night I had dinner with friends.  They cooked a mean southern meal and added fried chicken from Publix.  Somehow the topic circled around to Publix chicken tenders and I was in shock.

Everyone at the table was ranting and raving about them and I was like HUH?  

I mean they are just fried tenders...isn't that what 6 year olds eat for dinner?  They set me right and I went the next day because if the topic comes around again I wanna be in the know.

I'm not going to confess how many I ate.....But let's say I might add them to my already prepared food rotation.

Holiday Weekends are all that.



cindy hattersley design said...

LOVE that tape on the curtains Samuel & Sons? You and I are on the same plane with curtains...linen...same top treatment and simple trim if any...

beyondbeige said...

Can you share that Krypton sofa fabric? I have dawgs, gurl. Black, white and brown. This is why Momma can't have nice things.

Kathysue said...

Love every single thing I am seeing so far. Great treatment around the TV the office desk is to die for and I want it !!! Hudson Valley is my go to lighting company, it seems to be the lighting I always love and the brass fixture in the office is stunning, all of it is stunning. As always great job, I had to do some pinning on this post!!! Happy Weekend! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post today!!! You are the BEST!!!
xo Kathysue

Sandy - RockHavenFarm said...

I think you're going to hit it out of the park on this one. Love following your posts. Happy long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh man ! I love everything on this project ! The color palette, the paint colors and all different textures and specially how husband friendly that is. I've been hearing all great things about Crypton fabrics, would you share with us some info on that ? You have so many good projects in the works, I can't wait to see them all finished. As for the black sisal...hmmmm, I would think twice before making the decision, I can see it working at a staircase like on Kelly's house but definitely not as an area rug. We had it in our family room and after a couple months I gave it away to our cleaning lady. As pretty as it was, the upkeeping was not worth. We have to vacuum it constantly to keep it free from showing off lint and pet's hair. We couldn't even walk in our socks without leaving lint marks. Since then we've got a linen colored sisal, which has hold up well for almost 2 years.

therelishedroost said...

Masculine CHIC!!!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Still thinking of that black & white house! That staircase was unbelievable . Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos.

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