Last night I made the long trek to the Serenbe Designer Showhouse [it's showhouse city around here] and Lordy it did not disappoint!

I took a gazillion pictures which all have to be downloaded from my phone and straightened so hopefully I can share them on Tuesday.  Y'all there was quite a bit of black and white so you know I was just plain giddy:)

Since I can't stop thinking about this bedroom from the Cashiers showhouse I thought I would pull together some items so you can get the look!

Here is the thing...... this's full of texture and very tonal.


lamp this lamp from Crate and Barrel is perfect!

All you need are some tree branches!

So the bed.....get some reclaimed wood and put it on the ceiling:)

I found this at Home Depot

The look....

Adding the metal [mirror] wood [bed] and the chunky rug help to give this space plenty of texture....

I kind of want to do this room somewhere:)

Here are a few other pillows I found to help you out....

One last thing....I was at Rejuvenation yesterday to pick up these brackets

And saw this green couch!

What's up for you this weekend?  

I might go to the Lakewood flea market or clean out my guest bedroom [which is full of stuff that I don't know what to do with] [probably not though].

Maybe try and figure out why nothing I put on Poshmark has sold when everyone said it was so easy.....

Or....maybe I will just love on Cami all weekend:)
God....that face just melts me.



Cindy said...

Oh wow, love that Ikat totem pillow best of all... and love how much you love little fuzz face Cami. I'm seeing a lot of green sofas lately, but in a good way... smile


Kathysue said...

How nice of you to make up some room designs!!! Always perfection. Poshmark is EASY PEASY. You just need to share your purses once in awhile and follow or share other's post. It takes a little time, but so easy to do. I shared your purses today in my feed and also they had a purse party. Hope it helps you out. I am so enjoying it and have sold several pieces so far. It is a win-win as far as I am concerned. Good luck!!! I will share your stuff when I remember!! Girls helping girls!!

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