Y'all I have such a list of things to do for all of my clients I have contemplated just getting a job at Pottery Barn or even Chick Fil A [cause I could eat chicken tenders all day long]......less stress and a steady paycheck.

Why can't everyday just be "install day" where I get to play with pretty things?

About 3 months ago when everyone was showing their outdoor living spaces I had nothing to show:(

Then a friend of mine gave me one of her husbands new line of outdoor furniture from Leisure Made....a sectional.  I was so excited!

Lord I worked those pieces every way I could but my small [size of a quarter] round patio just wouldn't accept it.

I moved everything off and rearranged...... while I let every mosquito in Buckhead have a good wack at me.  

No bueno.

I was so frustrated.  Enter my sister....she was building a brand spanking new patio and I realized that is where it belonged!  Me wiping tears......

This thing is the size of my whole house.....

So she rented a truck and came to get it.  Her happiness kind of got on my nerves and I told her to take it down a notch.

We went over for dinner on Monday night and I finally got to see it and take some pictures!  This is the line called Augusta

Seriously it is so can ask Cami....

I love how everyone is showing fall mantels and I'm like in the beginning of summer over here:)

I got to pick my cushion color from these selections....

So of course this neutral loving gal picked the tan:)

I think I am going to order this one for me.....

It will fit so much better and they are having a sale right now!!!

I'm off to Charlotte for 24 hours to measure for curtains.....I know....sounds crazy right?!

Maybe I will even work on a fall mantel when I get back.....oh hell....who am I kidding....I do not have time for seasonal decorating.  



Unknown said...

Man what a lucky sister indeed. It looks amazing in her space. I wouldve shed a few tears if I had to get rid of them too.

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