I guess I have some 'splaining to do.  

I received a couple of emails about my last post with pictures of the nursing home.  I am really sorry if I offended anyone.  I realize they were harsh and hard to look at.  Let me explain that this is a small place and these residents need full time care. Both of my parents died fairly young and while I have missed them badly over the years.....I did not have to watch them get to this level.

I guess my point was that the end of life is no joke and not something I look forward to.  In my opinion the only thing that makes a hard situation easier is humor.  I am the kind of person who can't help snickering when it's inappropriate because of nervousness.  I was not making fun of them.


Ikea.....for some people it is totally overwhelming but if you go enough you can learn to focus!

I had to go yesterday for some Ribba frames [the best] and took a few shots of things that puts the term "high/low" to work!

Here is one of the first new things I saw!

Without open shelves all of these cute things would go to waste!  I plan on using them in an open pantry for a project.

I think both of these shelving units are new and I have a plan for the first one.

These 2 cute benches....kind of modern country.

Cute yellow clock

Black and white runner [placemats also]

Some kitchen accessories I have used from Ikea....the dark gray pitchers and jars!

The basket on the top left with jars from Ikea

I love these dark gray plates.....

And it was Ikea who first introduced us to the "Z" plant!


Some bedding...

I used to have this one in my own bedroom!

And I used all this bedding from Ikea at my Madison project! And the curtains also came from Ikea.

A few other ones I like.....


Remember when I used this one for my sister?

This black and white coverlet....

That became a table skirt at my sisters.

And this stripe duvet at my other sisters:) 

This Ikea pillow can be found everywhere!  It's a fav and I used it in a Boulder project.

Love these pendants and they now come in 3 sizes!

Here I used them at my sisters.

The Ikea black and white stripe throw is a keeper

This one might be new and surprisingly it had a nice weight.
Sometimes it is like just holding a few treads in your hand right?

The rug in the middle would make a nice wall hanging.....

And this rug.....

I love this new version!

This one is iconic also!

Some other new additions!

Some Ikea shelving that works nicely..... I recently used in a laundry room.

Cute faux plants!

These chairs below we used while staging some projects out in Boulder until one of the home buyers bought them!

I was tired of them anyway....ha ha

Ribba frames....

I didn't mean for this post to be so long.....but there is so much good stuff there!  

Hope you get a bunch done this weekend.....it's pretty much gonna be rain....rain....rain around Atlanta.

How many times can you say Ikea in one post....how about 10.



Simply LKJ said...

Thanks for the Ikea update. I see a trip in my near future!

Roberta said...

I actually really appreciated the way your senior post was written. I too use humor when uncomfortable. I too see aging as scary and nursing homes as unpleasant. I too get tired of everything being presented as wonderful when parts of life sometimes really do just suck. What's wrong with honestly expressing one's feeling these days? Just because someone disagrees with you does not make your opinion less valuable. And it shouldn't mean you need to put a spiffy cover on it all the time. In MY opinion, covering up reality is what's wrong with society today. We wonder why there are so many kids contemplating suicide these days. They think all our lives are perfect because we aren't presenting reality and we aren't allowing people to express alternate perspectives.

At the very least the small room, bed, chair and dresser in senior facilities should be both serviceable and aesthetically pleasing. If you have to look at the same thing every day, it should be gorgeous. That picture of the little girl with long blonde hair wearing an long white dress and apron from the 1900's has been in all eight nursing homes I have visited in the last twenty years. And we wonder why our loved ones are disenchanted in these facilities.

And by the way, I am 46 years old.

rnelson said...

You are kind.

Loved this IKEA post. I'm looking forward to my IKEA visit in July and will add some of these items to my list. Hope you have a (much-deserved) fabulous weekend.

Thanks for your design inspiration!

Kathysue said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I loved it all and I do love a good trip to Ikea, it is a bit of a distance from us so I don't go often but when I do I look at things and think of all the ways I can use them. In fact I need two of those Ribba frames for my bathroom. Want to get oversized frame and mat for 5x7's I love that look. Always fun to shop with you vicariously!!
Happy Weekend, we have hot, hot , hot coming our way 107 on Monday, Yikes!!

Mary Deckert said...

Just FYI, a salesperson at Ikea told me they were phasing out the Ribba frames made with glass and switching over to plexiglass. Apparently, the Ribba is/was the only one left with glass. Change due to weight and breakage. Bummer, but get them while you can.

Anonymous said...

Sherry, you're the best!
Getting old sucks! I'm a spry 54 but I always tell my kids, "You know I don't like old people" or "Lord, please give me some cash for a neck lift or take me now!" Life is good but once you can't pee by yourself...what's the point? Come on people, lighten up! I am only agreeing to go to the "home" if Kelly Wearstler designed it and we all wear very chic caftans and they have happy hour with frosty cold martinis served by the Chippendale dancers.
p.s. I played 4 1/2 hours of tennis yesterday in this heat and I can barely walk to the coffee pot this morning. LOL

Anonymous said...

I always say that getting old is not for the faint of heart. It's hard, and, often not pretty for the old person, or their family. Humor is essential! Even my mom, who's mind is not very sharp, finds a way to laugh at the situation occasionally. You were spending time with your loved one, not everyone finds the time.

Mary Beth at www.mbzinteriors.com said...

My parents died "healthy" and in their 70s and I never had to see them waste away. I've always been curious why the homes make them sit in the wheelchair to sleep, maybe so they don't get bed sores? I didn't take your comment as humorous but as true - what we all feel. That we don't want to live forever if quality of life has no quality. I love your designs by the way and still can't help but feel that, although design is not the most important thing in the world and we're certainly not curing cancer or old age with design, pretty homes make a (mostly) pretty life.

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Well THAT was fun. I have a young family project that I am working on and need to get the most bang for the buck... so thanks!

blayne macauley said...

you have the best taste.

Ashley@Ashley Uhl Interiors said...

I'm usually not a fan of IKEA but agreed, these items are really a great value! Love the black and white check coverlet especially that you used as a table skirt. Great idea! May just have to visit IKEA this weekend to pick up some of these ideas!

therelishedroost said...

Its okay to interject Humor into stressful situations and we all need to relax a bit!! You keep up the humor and your great taste!!

Via B Design said...

Great IKEA choices! The black open shelving looks really good, but I’m not sold on the other one. Thanks for sharing!

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