Good Lord y'all....yesterday [Monday] just about killed me.  I started putting out "design" fires at 9:30 and the fun never stopped.

I was installing curtains at my Madison project and when we opened the hardware box there was only one rod instead of 2.  Whaaaaaa. This would not have been a big deal except for the fact that it's 1 1/2 hours from Atlanta so it's not cheap to get these babies installed!

I learned that some furniture I was waiting for got sent back to North Carolina because of a warehouse snafu.  #designerproblems

Did I have a sign on my back that said "kick me"?

Oh well....nothing some pretty pictures can't fix!

I have a few updated pictures of Madison [you can see all the before and afters if you search Madison in the sidebar]....

Y'all remember where we started right?

Clearing out the weeds and trimming things back [nothing was planted] I was amazed at how good it looked!

And the swing we ordered came....

Of course now we need them to make a coffee table and bench!

And we need cushions for the rockers....

Before of the bedroom.....

After with curtains [blackout lined from Pottery Barn]

And a new chair

Moved the other one into the bathroom.....and hung a gallery wall.

I am all over these short's my new jam:)

We moved this bench back into the mud room to make way for the Serena and Lily one.

And upstairs the small table on the right got painted.....

We made notes for more updates....still have to get another curtain rod sucks unfortunate situation.

I've got 2 days to do a week worth of tasks. Leaving for Chicago on Thursday.



LBD said...

Looks great! I feel ya on Bloodline!

debbie said...

Unfreakin believable!! It all looks so wonderful! Can you bring your fairy princess wand to my house and work your magic? Just love everything about everything😍 Oops, one thing I'm not totally on board with (yet) is the curtain length.🤔 I'm sure it will grow on me.
Job well done!! Sucks about the curtain rod.
I've decided we need to be besties, I live in Duluth, not far from you. I'm happy to be your right hand man, at no cost to you!
Thanks for sharing all your gorgeousness!

Allison said...

lovely all around! And...please....what fabric did you use on the "new chair" in the bedroom?? I am trying to find one for a sofa...thanks!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

The web design is awesome, Sherry!! And how great is painting that little side table and adding the art. Perfect.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Kathysue said...

Looking good Sherry!! Hang in there, I know you can get it done. love the paint color on the little table. Your blog looks great!!!

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