I realize on my last post I neglected to share a little detail about the drive down to the beach.  It concerns my sweet puppy Cami.

Little dear.

In the last few months she has started getting anxious in the car.....barking and whining.... so I was extremely worried about driving over 5 hours. I thought I had it all under control by filling up 2 kongs with frozen peanut butter.  Yes....brilliant!

That will keep her calm and distracted in the beginning and she will forget her troubles.

As soon as we got on the road....practically before we left our community I threw it in the back seat and.....we had silence.  I was pretty smug looking at my husband like I had just finished doing a monster Excel spread sheet.  That is totally my husbands "love language".......and I would rather scrub a filthy toilet with a tiny toothbrush.

7 minutes later she was done with that thing and the barking began.....what.....huh?

Little shit.  So I dug out the other one and started to panic because I realized that in 7 minutes I was doomed.

She barked THE WHOLE WAY DOWN.  By the time we arrived I wanted to kill her.  Needless to say the next morning we drove to Petsmart to buy a bark collar. 

Hee Haw....this was after 15 minutes with the collar on.  Oh yeah.....another fun fact about my precious Cami.  The day before we left she ate a bar of soap which caused massive diarrhea so the drive back....although quiet....took twice as long because of all the stops.


Now I don't want to say that Target took up where I left off with my love of black and white could say that "they get me".

Down in Florida they were putting out all of their new summer patio goods......check it out!

Here are a few pictures....

Good stuff huh?

Wait there is more.....from Threshold!

And below...especially my favorite black and white towels.

A few more pictures....

And because I saw this cool gold I am still a neutral girl at heart:) win.

Snow storm coming to Atlanta.
Market next week.



betsy said...

Cute stuff! Target hits the bulls-eye again!

Might I suggest a great prescription medication called CERENIA for your next car ride with Cami. Also, there are great non-medication tools like the CD "Through A Dog's Ear", an anti-bark compilation of classical music (supposedly there's some science behind it, several of my foster homes use it) and a homeopathic product called ADAPTIL which is pheromone releasing - for your situation I'd try the drops instead of the timed-release collar.

The bark collar has the risk of making her anxiety worse, not better, and that wouldn't make Sherry very merry. Good luck with her, she is a cutie pie!

Linda Pakravan said...

So sorry to hear Cami was not happy in the car. Think maybe they have mild sedatives for long car trips?

cindy8w said...

I was in Target yesterday and noticed the great new black and white items! You trend-setter. Always love, love, love your designs and look forward to your weekly Blogs.

My little cutie-pie canine, Pippa, has anxiety issues, mostly during storms and fireworks (I live in an area where they have 5 nights of fireworks during the 4th of July holiday). Michigan also legalized monster fireworks a few years ago so they go off all summer long. Ugh. I found the Thunder Vest works really well. She is my Zen dog with it on.

Kathysue said...

Target nailed it! Love so much of what you have shown. Black and white done RIGHT!!

Melissa I. said...

My ride loathing Libby needed Trazadone to get through long car rides. It was good for her sanity and MINE!

Great Target finds!!!

Simply LKJ said...

Car rides can either be great fun or a nightmare with dogs! I too am loving all the new goodies at Target!!

Unknown said...

Nice.! I was lining up my next blog post on a target and their modern blush collection.! Love your post.!!

The enchanted home said...

Car rides are tricky with dogs...but glad you survived and found solace and a bit of retail therapy at Target,fun things! Happy 2017 to you.

G. Norris said...

Your solution to your dogs distress traveling in a car is a little disturbing. I would think a sedative would have been more appropriate than punishment. And the nickname "little shit" isn't very comforting either.

Unknown said...

Hilarious post Sherry, and totally get it about car rides with dogs - never dull! I also share your love of Target. I was there today drooling over all of their new wall decor :)

michele said...

omg that car ride from hell. sherry, i'm so sorry about the drama of the soap. do you have noise cancellation headphones? i want some...for various non-barking-cray-cray related reasons. the black and white from Target. i want it all. but mostly i want summer and just your invoking the word PATIO slows my heart rate so let's keep uttering lovely words like patio and july and warm breeze, yes? (it has been below zero for some time here and the january gloom has begun to descend on the heartland.) happy monday, beautiful blogger. xox

Unknown said...

Whatdya buy bitch? Don't leave us hanging! ;-)))))

Tricia said...

My dog has decided he has anxiety issues now too, the doctor recommended we get him treats with CBD oil from Hemp. Have to say after just a few days, he was an entirely different dog. It also has made his skin and coat much nicer.

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