I wanted to up date y'all on my plantar fasciitis. Yes after 7 months it's healed.  Back on the treadmill now and even running a little.  Very carefully......and in new shoes with inserts.


One thing I have started doing is staying after class for the stretching.  Yes...bad me I would always skip out on that part:)  

I bring this up because it is Atlanta Mart time again and last July I was hobbling along wearing tennis shoes trying to get through all the walking!

I went yesterday and took some pictures of the vignettes done by various designers.
The first one was by Lauren Liess who's work always makes me giddy.

I love her new wallpaper found here behind the cabinet. and white!

Here's the deal....I believe they get to shop the whole mart for merchandise.  That's a playground right?  Layered...check.

Here are a few more.  

This one is by Joni Vanderslice

Navy grasscloth wallpaper.....yes please!

Kill me now.....Anna Braund and Lauren Deloach

The brown walls....and of course my favorite fabric!

Next up is Dana Wolter

More great layering and of course that fabulous rug!

Meredith Ellis...

She had me with the black and white walls which was material.

Lots of texture in this one!

Betsey Mosby Interiors
This one is full of glamour.....

Next up in New York designer Jenny Wolf

Sophisticated and brassy!  I love it!

The last one is by Kristin Alber and REstyleSOURCE

More black and white goodness....


Bold Rugs
Bold Walls
Mixing styles

Don't be scared got this!

And look....

This was my step count yesterday....whoa mama!

I'll be going back today so look for another post on my favorite things.



Kathy said...

That jute(?) rug in the Meredith Ellis display is the best! Any info on it?
Thanks for posting...K

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Wow, lots of pretties. I'm dealing with planters, too. What shoes and inserts do you use? I'm on the treadmill daily now and wear a brace on the bad foot.

René said...

I'm so sorry you have plantar faciitis! I've had it before and know how painful it is. Stretching helped the most - especially on a step with heel hanging off. Good luck!

Kathysue said...

So glad your foot is better, that is so painful! ♥♥♥ this post! You had me at all the black and white and the navy grass cloth. Speaking of grass cloth, I have 4 samples of cobalt coming my way. Did you read my blog post today, there will be grasscloth and black and white involved!! Thank you so much for these post, can't wait to see what you see today!!

michele said...

that was fun! good job on that steppin, sista. so happy to hear you are healing. xox

Mary Ann Pickett said...

LOTS of inspiration, Sherry! Bravo on the I'm coming around, too, after my broken ankle! Isn't it great to be able to get around!?

JessicaB. said...

These rooms are gorgeous. I am loving the mixing of prints and I think it makes the room look very bold and vibrant. I recently had my new apartment furnished by Furnishr and I think you would like some of their designs! You should check them out at I am absolutely in love with my living room and dining room and never want to leave the apartment.

Alice said...

I love your foyer!

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