I am all turned around with this ORC!  I usually blog on Tuesday and this is a little odd to be doing a Saturday post:)

I'm thinking a "this and that"....some random pictures of my you care:)

Let's start with a pumpkin painting at West Elm.  It was Lisa Mowry, Lori May, and Jennifer Schoenburger so of course we met first for drinks at Ponce City Market.

If you live in Atlanta then you need to make it a destination.....except maybe not on a weekend cause it's kind of crowded:)

We ate at Minero and it was yummy.....

And...the pumpkins!

Everybody thought I did the white one but I was impatient and couldn't find the white so I grabbed the blue and then my gold dots started running so I went for it.....then everybody else got all designery on me and mine looked like a "hot mess".

So it is.....

It was also a week of shopping to finish up a project.  I bought this large navy velvet ottoman at Stanton Home Furnishings and added some pillows to the mix!

Started another Ladisic Fine Homes project and this one is gonna be fun!
Check out some of the wallpapers we are using.

This Romo paper will be in the powder room and the vanity will be painted SW Urbane Bronze.  

In the office we are using this Phillip Jeffries navy grasscloth on the ceiling and the walls will be painted BM Hale Navy

Hold on to your hats.....

 This iconic Mulberry Home paper will be in the basement level bath with the vanity being painted SW Tin Lizzie

The foyer will be getting these panels from Phillip Jefferies...

The butlers pantry will have this Scalamandre wallpaper and the cabinets will be painted SW Roycroft Pewter.

The "clubroom" will get this grasscloth with the paneled FP walls painted SW Urbane Bronze.


I had lunch with my friends Christie and Chris who recently opened an online Boutique called Dear Keaton and they sent me a pretty gift:)

It was a busy week and I have enough work to fill all day Saturday and Sunday.  I am dreaming of a beach vacation where I think of nothing but how fat I look in a bathing suit.  

No stress there right.  Maybe I need a mountain vacation with jeans, boots and a baggy shirt.



Cassie Bustamante said...

for the record i really love your pumpkin. and how fun to hang with christie- her new shop looks awesome!

michele said...

your pumpkin is my favorite and reminds me of that bitchen introverted thoreau quote: I WOULD RATHER SIT ON A PUMPKIN AND HAVE IT ALL TO MYSELF THEN BE CROWDED ON A VELVET CUSHION. vacation. yes! xox

Unknown said...

Sherry, if you come back to visit your kids in CO, I'd love your help! 😊 I'm south of them in Castle Rock. ~Connor (

Anonymous said...

Hang on Connor - I've been trying to get her help too. In just north of you a bit.

Unknown said...

WOW!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me right now with all that fine looking wallpaper?! Holy s__t balls! Last week was a riot! I fell asleep thinking how much I love you guys and how blessed I am to have you as friends #designingwomen

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