Saturday, October 22, 2016


Since I am knee deep in the One Room Challenge...... looking for accessories has been my obsession lately:)

 I probably have enough stuff to get this bad boy off the ground......what do you think?

If you muttered under you breath "who is she kidding".....then you are correct.

But.....that still doesn't stop me from obsessing.....searching for that "perfect" something that will launch my room from ordinary to perfection.

One of my go to places to search is Target.  Typing in "black and white" will get you all kinds of hair raising goodness starting with Nate Berkus!

The barware......

That throw.....

I think the tassel shower curtain rings are kind of cool and I know somebody out there will think of crazy other ideas on how to use right?

Then there is the Threshold Line

Now that I threw my bathroom in the ring for the ORC I am looking for some cool towels like the ones above!

And I might need a pouf in my bedroom right!

And then I couldn't stop [now you understand my personality!].....

I need the black box for my room!

I am always looking for small drink tables and I have seen the round one below [$59.49]  for 700-800 dollars!

I am crazy about the dark wood side table with the shelves!

OK.....they are painting my bedroom as we Instagram today to see what color I chose!

And the other night I was on a panel talking about color.  That was a laugh....

I didn't have much to add....other than my favorite color was white....after a while they just skipped over me....hahahahaha.

See you Wednesday for more updates on the ORC.

Have a great weekend y'all.


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Kathysue said...

A true black and white delight. I am with you, on this one!! I see several pieces that stopped me in my tracks. I love when you do these kind of post, who am I kidding I love all of your post! Always fun and entertaining, plus a treat for the eyes. Happy weekend,

Mrs. Sho Nuff said...

They are crazy to skip over shaonetrickpony because there are oodles of whites to choose from!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Well...I JUST went to Target yesterday after weeks of not being able to drive...and wrote a post like I linked to this for all the other Target crazies. I didn't see those towels...I like them!

Cindy Hattersley said...

Your Target is soooo much better than ours. That drinks table looks fabulous!! Love the teeny size. I think you need that box!!

Mary Deckert said...

I ordered the Nate Berkus rattan mirror and just love it. Great size, great shape and color and very well made. Did you see the matching stool/table? It would be great for drinks. I really liked it but didn't want to be too matchy and needed the mirror.

Holly Irwin Fine Art said...

I ordered some Nate Berkus chairs and can't wait to get them!!! Target is really stepping it up! Good luck with ORC:)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts and seeing what you're going to sign off with. Today I literally laughed out loud. You crack me up, lady!

Carrie Peeples said...

Those shoes are ah-mazing!! Where are they from?!

Barbara Meyers said...

That black cake stand is GORG! I do think Target does a great job with their accessory furniture and trinkets. Sometimes the scale is a bit too tiny but the price is always right.

Yes, those shoes are amazing! You look really chic!

PS- I too love white, it is so modern


Hey, you didn't tell me about this! I would have loved to have come! I'm sure you rocked it like everything else.....

Chris Michael said...

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