I had a bit of a scare the other morning with Cami.  I was sitting on the couch and there was a small plate on the coffee table which my english muffin was on [eaten already] along with a vitamin and another pill.  She came up and before I could blink licked the plate scooping up the meds.

Holy crap I jumped up like I had springs on my feet and ripped open her mouth trying to shake them out......sticking my finger down her throat.  I was sweating y'all.  

I didn't see anything fall out so I ran into the bathroom to get the hydrogen peroxide, screaming at my husband to "hold her mouth open" and started pouring it down her throat.  I told my husband "stand back she is gonna throw up".....and nothing.

I threw myself on the bed crying in total frustration for about 2 minutes screaming "OMG we have to go to the vet NOW!"  Meanwhile my husband is standing there watching this whole production still trying to figure out what was going on.  

I jumped out of the bed ran back to the den thinking maybe I imagined it and they were still on the plate or maybe they fell into the rug.  I looked down about 2 feet from where the incident happened and there they were.  WHAT!  I was jumping up and down like a 6 year old on Christmas morning.

I gotta tell ya that 5 minutes took a few years off my life.

I have the rest of the showhouse pictures.....see part one here.

This room was by my good friend Steve Mckenzie.  Loving that LaGrange chest.

 How clever is this bed situation by Melanie Millner?

 I die over this Phillip Jefferies wallpaper.

Chris Holt Interiors

Pretty spectacular spaces designed by Mallory Mathieson Glenn

Loved this room which was all dark and moody by Karen Ferguson.  I fell especially hard for this art by Brian Coleman.

Barbara Marshall Howard was showcasing the new fabrics by Studio B [designed by Brian Carter] for Jim Thompson.

This beautiful master bedroom by Carole Weaks.

And.....that's a wrap.  This is the last weekend to see all of this great design!

It's Friday and y'all we been having some very warm weather....this weekend they are predicting temps in the 70's!

Still no wreath.

Sheriky Freaky


Calypso In The Country said...

Very pretty. I understand completely about pets swallowing things! My golden swallowed tinsel a couple years ago. Not that we have Christmas tinsel in our house, I must add. It was for a kids's science fair project. Anyway, I called the vet and they scared me to death about tinsel and how it could cause all kinds of internal problems. We pulled out the peroxide and tortured my poor doggie until it came up. Such a stressful situation!

Vel Criste said...

LOVE IT ALL but I want to copy Melanie Millner's bedroom!

Karena said...

Sherry I would have been the same way if I thought my dog had swallowed pills!!
Miss Belle gets sick if she eats a bug!! Great pics and isn't Steve McKenzie a genius and I love Coleman's art!

The Arts by Karena
More Books for the Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Pills on the floor and not down the hatch!! Good Girl Cami Good Girl!! LOVE the Dark Moody Room... 60's here in the suburbs of Chicago! Back on the iced Coffee instead of Hot!! Enjoy your weekend!

mollie's mom said...

Does Cami stand there looking at you like you're from another planet when you have a freak out? Mine does... cool, calm and collected and thinking humans are too dramatic I'm sure. I've had a version of your pill freak out and luckily no one ate the pill here either :)
And we just might buy a tree today. We'll see....
Wreaths are 20% off at Pikes!! Go get yo' self a wreath, girl. I bought two pink poinsettias last night. Christmas is creeping in...

designchic said...

70 degrees in NC too, Sherry and hard to get myself ready for the big day! So many beautiful the black and white draperies! Happy Sunday ~

Unknown said...

Im so glad Cami is OK!!! I know that scare, and it's horrible. Beautiful images, Sherry. I love that master bedroom headboard situation. Happy Holidays to you and your family and keep on making us laugh...youre the best. xo Nancy

Lugbill Designs | Chicago Interior Designers said...

I’m relieved that Cami is okay. By the way the designs are lovely. I love that ancient design in the living room. It looks impressive and dramatic. Also the kid’s bedroom is very practical and space-saving.

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