Tuesday, December 8, 2015


If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you know I love a good showhouse!

The other day I visited the Atlanta Holiday Home and was "wowed" at every corner.

These 20 designers managed to kick some "design butt" and I was impressed!

Chris Holt, John Oetgen, Barbara Westbrook, Bob Brown, Lindsay Coral Harper, Carol Weaks, Jessica Bradley, Heather Hogan Roberts, Kerry Howard, Barbara Marshall Howard, Mallory Mathison Glen, Tish Mills, Melanie Millner, Judith Bentley, Karen Hayes Ferguson, James Wheeler, Joel Kelly, Dan Belman, Steve Mckenzie.

This years 15,000 square ft home, Millwood Manor, is incredibly beautiful resembling Scotland's Stonefield Castle.  Built by Sheehan and designed by architect Harrison Designs.

Everybody brought their A game.

The Dining Room....

Music Room

These curtains are everything.

Crushing on these Circa Lighting fixtures...... so pretty in the hallway and the kitchen below.  Of course just to rub it in....more iron windows.

Even though the cabinets are black, there is plenty of light with that large metal window and the  antique mirror!

 Nice dining area off the kitchen.....a great space to hang out!  Gah.

Right into the family room that had some gorgeous color.....

Beautiful teal grasscloth on the walls.

Headed on to a covered porch...

Back hall

I love this flat roman shade with the pom poms....what about you?  

So many traditional colors and features in this home.....and I think it's here for a while.  Just saying.  

More on Friday.

Geez...this time of year drives me crazy.  Deadlines....parties....did I mention deadlines?

I don't even have a wreath on my door yet.  Such a slacker.



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pixelimpress said...

gorgeous!! (this'll make ya feel better... i still have a pumpkin on my porch.)

mollie's mom said...

We can start a support group - I just tossed the pumpkin today... but, hey, it's not 12/25 yet. We have time:)

NellaBlue said...

OMG.....the brass countertop in the bar area with black cabinets. I am drooling.

Vel Criste said...

I agree, fabulous in every corner! wish I could see it up close too! Love the curtains and those iron windows!

Pink Camellias said...

We just went to an event there last night - it was so gorgeous- I could live in the first floor powder room!

designchic said...

It's incredible, Sherry. How cute is that dining area - would never leave!!

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

How many square feet? What a stunner! So well done. Thanks for sharing and get a darned wreath on your door!

ovbal said...


René said...

So many pretty details and yes, I love the pom pom shade too!

Karena Albert said...

A gorgeous home Sherry! I love all of the black touches, adds so much sophistication and a big yes to the Roman Shades!

The Arts by Karena
More Books for The Holidays!

Cindy Hattersley said...

Love the circa lighting. There are so many wonderful details. You Southerners really know how to do it up right!! And they copied my dining room curtains!! I love mine as well and they are an inexpensive!

laura said...

I need that covered porch! Primate does not agree. How 'bout the glass doored buffet and that incredible lamp perched atop? Do you know their credentials? Thanks for always making me laugh!

Nancy Powell said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love the light in that house. The black kitchen and brass counters are gorgeous as are so many of the hallways and rooms. Love the textiles and great ideas. Thanks for bringing all that to me! xo Nancy

Joffery Stark said...

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