If somebody could figure out how to cram another day in the weekend then they would have my vote.  We could call it Funday....meaning you can only schedule fun on that day.  No chores!

I won't hold my breath.

2 important things today.

First.....I am participating in a little "diddy" called:

I was asked by Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home and Cindy from Rough Luxe to put together a gallery wall and discuss.

Which means for me [and a few others who have confessed] 10,000 holes while trying to design this darn thing.

I mean.....there are so many gorgeous images on Pinterest the pressure is looming.

Could not find source.

I love the impact of this because it actually looks like one large piece of art. appeals to my sense of symmetry in a room.

Kevin Corn

I believe this was one of the first gallery walls I noticed.  Again....all the same horizontal frames and sepia tone images are the attraction.

Another favorite.

Orlando Soria

Even though the first 3 are more "me"....I can switch it up and appreciate this fabulous wall.  It might be the dark navy sofa that grounds it.

I do have a few gallery walls in my home.

This is my guest room.  I have had these vintage  botanicals for over 15 years and I still love them.

 My living room.  You can see why I gravitate towards the first 3 images right?

Recently in my family room I put up these shelves to help cut down on holes and hopefully with my obsession of constantly changing things.....

So....come back next Monday to see which wall I am tackling and then October 20th for the reveal.

Here is the talented group that will also be sharing their design knowledge with us.

Also on the agenda today is a little sale.  Y'all remember my foyer and the Celerie Kemble wallpaper?

When I made the purchase I had to buy 16 yards even though I only needed about 10.  That hurt.

So I have a little over 5 yards [one 11' 5" piece and a 5' 3" piece] left.  It retails for about $100.00 a yard.  I am selling both pieces for 200.00 [total] which is less that wholesale.  Maybe somebody has a bookcase they could use it for?

Go here for all of the specs on this paper.

Email me if you are interested!

See you on Wednesday for ORC updates:)



Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Nothing gets me more than a good gallery wall. :)

debra @ 5th and state said...

in the same series as sherika? priceless!

Kathysue said...

Happy Monday!! Love this series and it is going to be so helpful to readers on how to do it up right!!

pam {simple details} said...

I'm right there with you - looks like swiss cheese behind my gallery wall! Can't wait to see your new creation!

René said...

I'll never get tired of looking at your gallery walls. Fun series!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I LOVE your wallpaper...thinking HARD about who could use are a master a gallery walls. You could have just shown any of yours already they are so awesome. I like what you said about giving the impression of one big piece of art.

Leslie Harris said...

every time I see that shot of your botanical collection I sigh. I love that whole look. You're so good at these gallery walls, I can't wait to see what you've got planned.

shirley said...

I vote to have the fun day! The weekend always end to fast. Love your gallery walls..

Krystine @ said...

This is looking GREAT! Cannot wait to see the gallery wall. The first one has my heart!

Kelly - Talk of the House said...

Oh my gosh, I am in love with those antique botanicals! And they are in the same room as some black and white buffalo check! I die. My walls have a million holes from this change-all-the-time disease that I seem to have caught as well.

Kris @ Driven by Décor said...

Your gallery walls are always stunners - can't wait to see what you pull out of your hat this time!

Vel Criste said...

I still have to master the art of making a gallery wall but I'm happy with the latest one I did in my master bedroom - same tone frames, same matting and 2 similar pictures on either side for symmetry. That paper is a bargain, wish I needed some for my home.

therelishedroost said...

Big love for gallery walls have one going up my stairs in the living room and in kitchen. They are so interesting and eye catching. said...

I did my kitchen gallery wall for the last ORC link up and I still love it. Going to do another something like it in my family room. Sooo, I'm anxious to see some inspiration from you gals. And you know my mind is racing for a spot to put that paper ;-)

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

LOVE your entry pretty! Gallery walls are tricky and yours are always perfection. :)

Woodside Park said...

Your gallery walls are striking, Sherry! So graphic, crisp and, of course, beautiful. xoxo

Leslie @ Segreto Secrets said...

Love your gallery wall inspiration! Cant wait to see it completed! And the Celerie Kemble wallpaper is gorgeous in your foyer!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

srldesign said...

Your gallery walls are always my favorite :)

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