OK we go again with the One Room Challenge [ORC].  Of course back in November when Linda asked me I was like....."Oh gosh....surely things will be settled down in my life by then".

Well Hee Haw.....what was I thinking?  

 I know better than to email her and say that maybe I need to bow out cause she is like a judge sentencing someone when they have 3 strikes.  

No leniency.


I am just putting it out there that I have no idea what Wednesday will bring....I might be able to wrangle a client into being compliant with this gig or I might just have to rip apart my guest room.  Which I have been wanting to do.....but of course I just spent all of my extra money on the showhouse.

Speaking of "extra money"....what is that?  Extra means that you have more than you want and you can give it away.....

But that is a whole discussion for another day.

Today is devoted to Nate.  Oprah used to call him a hottie....I agree and I also think he has a good heart.  Have you read his book?  

Can you believe it was 2001 when he first appeared on her show?

I remember when his mother had a show on HGTV....called Decorating Cents.  Yeah....I am THAT old.

I  took a trip to Calico to see view the collection up front.

I liked it....masculine but classic.

This might be my favorite.....nice upholstery weight....perfect for a bench or chair.
I like this color way also.

This is like a cut velvet and it's pretty awesome for the price.

Oh I could show them all to you but just head on over to Calico Home and take a look....

I just want to put this out there in case it has happened to you....occasionally [for some unknown reason] when I send emails.... people do not receive them?  Not sure what is happening so if you have emailed me and I did not answer then do not think I am a slacker....resend please.  I am having to cc myself now.......

I'll be back on Wednesday with something......your guess is as good as mine :)

Do y'all remember when I saw a spider in my car?  Well I think that sucker is on steroids now...and still in my car.  I have at least 15 bites and they are the size of a quarter.  OK...maybe I have scratched at them until they look like tumors....but that is how I roll.  

I am going at it with a vengeance.  Plus my Mom is not here to tell me to stop.

If you want to see the Inspiration is over next weekend.  Just saying.



Pura Vida said...

I was pretty sure at one time I had what it took to nab Nate...not so much now

Raina Cox said...

Time to bug bomb the vehicle.

Also, love that geometric cut velvet.

Stacey {steward of design} said...

Love that Nate!

Ashley @ The Houston House said...

Feel free to do a room at my house for the ORC! Haha :)

michele said...

girl, chill with yo benedryl. that much venom in your system concerns me, and i may not sleep tonight.

sexy fabrics yes yes yes. and decorating cents! ha! watched it all the time!

smiles to you.


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Nate's mom is Nancy Golden. I LOVED her. She rocked that show on the smallest shoestring of a budget. I didn't get into Calico yet to see the fabrics in person. They look even better than on the screen. Glad you came to your senses and are staying in. You are just the right amount of crazy.

A Perfect Gray said...

it's no secret that I love that man. the first one and that cut velvet are KILLING me, they are so good.

Acquired Objects said...

Love Nate and those fabrics! As for the spider in your car...bomb it! Seriously get a bug bomb and bomb your car...bye-bye biting bugs! They will have gasp their last little buggie breaths!


Emily A. Clark said...

I want to quit liking Nate's stuff because he started to get on my one nerve during his talk show. But, I have to say, I do like his fabrics.

My Interior Life said...

I think I've been having trouble with my email too and my blogger comments are no longer coming to my email. Even though my settings are correctly set. So annoyed! Anyway, Nate's collection looks beautiful. So mad Nashville's Calico Corners went out of business. Thanks for the preview. Sounds like mama spider had babies. I agree with Raina - bug bomb the car! And last but not least, had no idea Nancy Golden was Nate's mom. I totally watched Decorating Cents. Good luck with the ORC - can't wait to see what you talented ladies do!

Kim said...

I used to watch Decorating Cents!! I had NO idea that was Nate's mom ... Oh wow, feeling really old myself now. Thanks so much!!! Looking forward to seeing who you get wrangled into the ORC! xo

Heather (love your space) said...

Nate's MOM was the host of that show???!!!! Whoa, you just blew my mind.

Also I am behind the times with this collection. Love that watery blue diamond pattern! Can you get these elewhere, like the Thom Filicia fabrics that are also at Kravet? Curious....

Thanks for sharing!

Holly Gruszka said...

I can't wait to see those Nate fabrics in person. I used to love Nate on Oprah. There were some good design shows on HGTV - I can't think of the name of my favorite one right now - of course. She was a red head and she used to show the people 2 or 3 different options for elements in the their room.

StagerLinda said...

Love Nate's fabrics. I could afford to make one small pillow. Thanks for letting your freak flag fly. I take comfort that I am not the only one that would panic over an assignment like the ORC. It is so much fun to follow and live vicariously through you.

Abby M. Interiors said...

My mind is blown. My head is practically spinning. I had no idea that was his mom!

I am more than mildly freaking out about your spider situation. I think I'd be calling the bug specialist to spray seriously hazardous chemicals in that car.

Let us know when you come out of your benadryl coma! xo

Laurie said...

Hottie has come up with some fabulous fabrics! But I am impressed you keep getting in that car with that big ol'spider - damn if I would.....brave girl.

Pat@BPM said...

I had no idea Nate's mother hosted Decorating Cents. Loved the show and many more of the old HGTV shows.

The fabric is wonderful. Looking forward to seeing the room makeover.

Unknown said...

His fabrics are amazing!

Girl - you need to get that spider out of your car!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Gotta get to Calico- I am loving everything I see and hear about his fabrics! Looking forward to cheering you on with the ORC and seeing what fabulous things you come up with. I just love your style!
xo Nancy

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Absolutely gorgeous fabric. Not so gorgeous pricing. I think I've been hanging out at too long!!

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

So many things in your post Sherry...I don't know where to start!
1. yay for the ORC...please do your guest room...would love to see that! :)

2. Who is Nate's mother? Did not know this.

3. Yes, his fabrics at Calico are gorgeous and what I consider usable for real people...just ordered some the other day.

4. Stop scratching! xo


Courtney Foster Shearer said...

The "extra money" you spent on the showhouse payed off - your room is stunning!

Kathysue said...

Love the black and white, of course!!
You are so funny about the spider, you always give me a chuckle. Love it!! Good luck with the one room challenge!!
You always come up with something wonderful!!
xo Kathysue

Taylor Greenwalt said...

You are going to have to bomb your car! Shoot...that's not good...I hate spiders. Have fun with the one room challenge!

The Vintique Object said...

WHAT?!! Nate Berkus's mom was the star of Decorating Cents? That just rocked my world a bit.

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