I was doing some research for a project and I stumbled on these pictures of a room that Celerie did and just about had a stroke.  I know you guys are familiar with her book right?

It is by far my favorite....seriously.... in the whole wide world.  Chock full of back, white and neutrals.  


Ta Da......

Looky here.  Betwixt walls.  Yes sir.

Well....here are the pictures of so much black and white goodness that I must insist you sit down right now.

I don't want anyone to faint.

All photo's by Hulya Kolabas.

That hand painted wallpaper by Fromental.  Whoa nellie.

I'm sweating just looking at it.
Adding some green to black and white just sends me to design heaven and back.

Those modern chairs make me just sick..... I love so much.  
Hubba Hubba.

Betwixt just came out with black and white about a year ago....

I found these on Etsy

You know you can not go wrong with this color scheme.  Just saying.

It was the prettiest day we have had in a long time yesterday [Sunday] and I was under the gun to get my chest painted for the ORC.

Deadlines are deadlines so I did it.

Anyway....sometimes when I stay home I save money right?

Check back on Wednesday for my challenge update.



Kathysue said...

Be still my heart!!♥♥♥ it all, nothing more striking than a black and white room! Totally loved this post, so much eye candy for we black and white lovers!!

Lisa Gabrielson said...

Running to pick up that book. Can't wait to see your room...:)

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Love that book and LOVE Betwixt and love Celerie Kemble...so much prettiness here. I'll be stalking this post for quite some time Sherry.

Just happen to be going to Pacific Design Center tomorrow (so freaking excited)...def gonna pick up a black and white Betwixt sample.

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Thanks for the visual treat. Always love black and white, no matter what!

My Interior Life said...

I absolutely adore black and white (the color scheme and Celerie's book - definitely one of my faves). In fact, just painted my office black with lots of hits of white (desk, curtains, credenza, etc.). But I slipped some color in there too as I can't go cold turkey.

Looking forward to ORC updates - I missed reading them last week.

Unknown said...

Looks like I need this book! love the look. Good job on painting the chest! Looking forward to seeing it Wednesday! Have a great week.
xo Nancy

Pura Vida said...

Well, I for one did in fact faint...dead away. So glad I was lying down

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Get out....Betwixt on the walls. I die!

Holly Gruszka said...

I actually won this book on Traci Zeller's blog last year and was thrilled beyond belief. It's a great one that I enjoy and look to over and over.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Betwixt is my all time fav. To have it on my walls, where I could pet it everyday, heaven.

charmaine said...

I've been eyeing this book. Love black and white!

christy said...

I like that she is so daring about mixing styles, not sure I would want to live in those rooms but they are fun to look at.

lisaroy said...

I love everything about that book!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

You know, Sherry, we live in a BLACK AND WHITE house! I sent MC a note saying....I NEED THIS BOOK!

btw four houses back...we did paint the Master Bath Black. It was stunning! We "paired" it with "Texas Leather" from BM in the Master Bedroom and continued it into the adjoining spaces. AND WE DID THE CEILINGS!!!

When we put the Condo on the Market, we toned it down and made the spaces neutral. This was BEFORE the general population was into color!

Andrea said...

I am a HUGE fan of Celerie Kemble's work. Also, her mother Mimi McMakin is amazingly talented as well! It runs in the family. :)

The Glam Pad

bathtub for elderly said...

I'll look forward to read your book.

Renae Moore said...

I LOVE black and white! Just did b/w with red and yellow accents for my son in B'ham!

Frosted Glass said...

Liking that black and white themed room. The simplicity of color and arrangement makes that interior design as of the best.

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