Well.....we made it to Friday and pretty quickly I might add.  Of course I am not the authority on all things "old related"....but let me just put this out there:

Time goes WAY faster when you are old

Yeah...I know pretty newsworthy right?  Call the press.

Just saying.

Alrighty then....let's get down to "bidness...."

A few of you asked about the art in my recent Before and After:

The artist name is Nancy B Westfall.  Even though the client is fairly traditional....we decided to add a piece of contemporary art [with color I might add] to liven up the space and keep it from being too predictable.   I can be clever like that :)

It had many of the colors that we are using in other rooms of the house.

She is represented by Gregg Irby Fine Art here in Atlanta

Here are a few more images of her work.

I  like this one.

Gregg represents some wonderful artist.
Christina Baker

Kate Merritt Davis

If your local please visit her gallery.

I had an artist reach out to me the other day in an email.... so I went to her website and liked what I saw!

Her name is Amy Duke...go here to see more.

Yesterday I was at Stacey Steward's blog Steward of Design
spilling the beans about my life and how I got into design.  Stacey is a NEW blogger so be polite and go over to say hi!  Remember when you first started excited it was to get comments....please show her some love.

Annnnnndddd the last thing today is that my friend Angela from The Painted House is curating a collection for Joss and Main Tuesday, February 5.  Plus...her loft was just featured in Atlanta magazine.  Go check it out on her blog!

Did I give you enough to do today.....I can be somewhat bossy at times.

Enjoy the Superbowl....go _______________
You can fill in the blank :)

Shapam baby!


Ashley @ The Houston House said...

I can't wait for the inspiration house tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing your work in person. Happy Friday!

Jade @ Flip Flops + Pearls Design said...

Love the artwork especially the truck painting! Have a great weekend!

Pura Vida said... that FORD!!!

Kim said...

I agree with Pura Vida ... who would have thought an old Ford Truck could bring such joy! Love the art you shared today! xo

Taylor Greenwalt said...

There's nothing like the real deal! Love the picture of the old Ford....Great job on your clients home.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the artwork. I love it all. A field trip to the gallery is in order.

angela | the painted house said...

You are a nut!

I think the painting you picked for the space couldn't be more perfect. Original art is the best--BUY REAL ART, folks. Now who's bossy?

Thank you for spreading the word about Joss & Main--I'm excited about it!

Hope to see you hanging out in that super luxe room of yours and Lori's this weekend...

Donna-s Lair said...

I was surprised you liked the Ford like contemporary art from what I observed..then I noticed what caught your eye! LOL "Hi occifer" Ok not exact wording...hiccup!
I looove that painting!! and i dont like pickemup trucks...but something got me :)

Unknown said...

I love to be introduced to new artists, and am a fan of Westfalls! Thanks, and I hope you have a great weekend.
xo Nancy

LiveLaughDecorate said...

You're the best. Great way to showcase these local artists. I'm off to go check out the blogs you mentioned. Have a fab weekend!

Angie said...

Ha! That reminds me of the painting we created!! Hope to see you soon, angie

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Aw Sherry, I so love some modern art...just something about how it makes a room feel. And those are some beauties!

Yes indeed, time really does FLY when you're old like me!

Have a great weekend!

Karen xo

Heidi @ Decor & More said...

Love, love, love the art. I'll have to check out the gallery for sure. It's calling my name!
xo Heidi

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love that piece of art you chose for your client. It is so fresh in that space. I wish I could fill up my house with original works of art!!! Or paint something other than a wall :)
Happy weekend Sherry!

Gregg Irby said...

Thanks so much for including our artists and the gallery in your blog. As always, I love reading your blog. I was blown over by your room at the Inspiration House. You turned a space with almost zero potential into a super cool, livable room!!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love the pick up truck. Thanks for the art intro!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love this art. Yes "time is flying by"....hey that phrase might catch on. I like Stacey, and already follow her. Sometimes this blogging world is huge, and sometimes it small. I don't do football, so I will be DIY-ing some stuff.

StagerLinda said...

Love, love, love the art. The old Ford made me have a Bridges of Madison County moment....

Flying Designer said...

Love the turquoise truck! Hope you are enjoying Super Bowl Sunday!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

All that art makes me happy. Now I am going to Stacey's blog.

lisaroy said...

Great art! I love that FORD, my dad had one just like it. :)

The Pink Pagoda said...

Ohhhh, so glad for the introduction! I love the art you're sharing here!

Reagan Geschardt said...

I would love to see more like the pick up truck! really cool!

Artsy Forager said...

So happy to see your love for Christina Baker's work! Your choice of the Nancy Westfall piece is brilliant-- it completely enlivens the space!

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