Alllllllrighty then......seems like all you have to do is put up a picture of a dog and you get the most comments ever!!!

There were some great suggestions to combat this issue.  Somebody said they put hot sauce on the poop.  I agree that might work but I am not sure if I want to hunt it down twice.....first to put the hot sauce on it and then to pick it up :)

I did try ordering the powder to sprinkle on his food [years ago] make his poop taste worse?  Could it taste worse???

Then put zucchini in his food....have not tried that, or when he starts to eat it give him a banana.  The problem with that is he's like the special forces of dogs....very sneaky.  It is usually when we are on the trail....he is quick like a ninja.

And....I doubt he will grow out of it since he is 9 yrs old.

Scott's was extra special this month. 

November and December are usually good because they know we like to spruce up our house for the holidays.  
Those vendors are smart.

Starting with pillows and fabric

Gorgeous mohair......

I must have these colors in my head....

Another pretty pattern....
 Some of the pretty ones Sudi had.....

 You know I love neutrals.

 So pretty for a bedroom.

But then I see color and just like that...."what is a neutral?"
 Some great Romo.

Gotta love some Riad.
 And some Schumacher.

More gray and gold.  Seeing a trend?
 Black and white animal.  Nuff said.


 Now moving to lighting...

 Yes...I know you too.


 More industrial goodness....

 Made with old gas station numbers...

Love this one.....

First life was a fan.

70's vibe.

 I love this table with the brass and desperately tried to find out how much.....but there was no one around.

 Mid Century white.

Holy swinging bed on a porch.
Mad Men.

Mid Century Gray.

 Old fire hats.....for a boys room.

 Gray white and a splash of green....I'm in.

 Stuff in with greenery for the holidays.

 Dreaming of everything in shades of white.

 Industrial vases.

Everyone needs alligators playing pool.

 Purple and silver.

 Rake on a stand.

More sewer balls.....


 Brass things.

Hat forms.

 Just cool.

 Music sheets....

No thanks.....nightmares. 
 How cute?

Staci Swider

 Love these.

Too expensive for me but I love.

Pretty display.

 Big ass mirror.

70's art.  WTF?

On the 10.00 table. 


These also. 


Yes....I think.

I got carried away this month taking pictures.  
Like I said....November is always good.

To answer questions about the shelter kitchen....3 refrigerators because it is a shelter.  
Not sure why.  
They really COULD NOT change the cabinets in any way.  AND....the designers paid for all the changes to their room with help from donations [thanks to my peeps for that part].  

One more thing.....

I think Zipper got mad that I plastered his picture on the internet cause the day after.....he had diarrhea IN EVERY ROOM on every rug.

Paybacks are hell.



My Notting Hill said...

Hey, I bought some of that blue mohair back in September. This weekend it becomes 2 twin headboards just in time to Thanksgiving guests! (Wish I saw the gold)
Kinda liking those painted mid-century pieces.

Amanda said...

I so hope to one day get a chance to visit Scotts with you ladies!!
And so sorry to hear about your poop issues- wonder if he lacking some sort of vitamin or mineral that causes him to crave poop-you know like those people who eat washing powder or eat dryer sheets (yes seriously I watched a show where this lady ate dryer sheets-but of course she wrapped them in toilet paper first so it did burn her throat when she swallowed------I know right!!!!! ) anyway hope you find a solution soon -in the meantime you may want to spare your rugs and put a password protection on your blog so he cant read it anymore. :-)

Karena said...

Sherry I would love to visit Scotts one day!! You have shared so much it must be mind boggling. Love the fabric,pillows, that table you found without a price (why do people do that!)

Now if you would tell us the solution to get the payback out of area rugs!!

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Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

What in the heck are sewer balls and shouldn't I be afraid to touch them?
When I worked in a drapery workroom we used to laugh and laugh at people's holiday "decorating emergencies". I spruce up and get things done but if its not perfect I move on eat eat cookies.
I would love to be near Scott's.

NanaDiana said...

I love the way you cleverly segued from Poop to Pillows!;>) Lots of eye candy here this morning...and I laughed at Zipper's revenge. Hope you have a GREAT poop-eating-free day- xo Diana

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great stuff except the alligator. I guess your dog gave you payback.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Sherry.....You could give day trips to this place. A weekend tour, bed and breakfast and Scoots. People would be fighting to come....It could be a Scoots camp. Hum, I wounder how much you could charge! I would be the first to sign up........

pam {simple details} said...

I'd be second to sign up with Taylor! Bet Zipper's cuteness starts to wane after that! :)

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Great pillows, of course!
Lots of stuff....looking forward to our visit next month.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Those hat forms would make some killer pendants. How I love the monthly Scotts update! :)

Donna-s Lair said...

What are sewer balls???? The lamp with the little white balls looks ping ping balls? Zipper is sick...poor doggy! If he ate my cooking...he wouldn't want to revisit it. ;-)

AntiqueChase said...

Love your photo comments!!

Unknown said...

Poor zippy and poor rugs. Im sorry! been there.
Looking at your pics makes me seriously hate being inside and working. I want to go explore and shop!!
xo Nancy
P.S. check out our giveaway!

Raina Cox said...

It took me a sec to figure out the marble grapes lamp was not supposed to be a hen's nest full of eggs.

Hey, I think we have a decorating Rorschach!

Pura Vida said...

that dang Scotts! he makes me drool.
So sorry about Zipper...he did look like he had an upset tummy in the photo...was your ribbon toxic?

Hey..thanks for letting me borrow him...I laugh every time I see his face! You are a hoot!

traci zeller designs said...

New Year's Resolution: I am visiting Scott's!!!

Anonymous said...

love your descriptions - technical, detailed, & full of info {totally engaging} ;) i'm with the others, wtf is a sewer ball?

Christina said...

FINALLY went to Scott's for the first time this weekend with Rhoda and some other bloggers. It was AmaZING!

Definitely going to be going more often in the spring and summer next year!

carol jane said...

All those pillows are GORGEOUS! Wish I could visit Scotts. Oh and by the way, My daughters Golden Retriever eats poop too. I have no clue why. Weird. Isnt it? Sorry about the carpets in your home. Pet issues are pretty bad sometimes. Trust me. I would rather have dog poop over cat pee anytime. Ha!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oooooh I want each of those items. EACH.

Dayum....he was pissed wasn't he.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I resemble that remark ;)

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