Alrighty then......today marks a week since my debut manning  Sudi's booth at Scott's.
Let's just say I had high hopes for smashing all "pillow selling records"....

I stumbled in there at 9:00 and immediately started re-arranging the whole booth.  That got me sweating.

I was wishing I had a sofa or some accessories....you know that is just the way I roll.

Seriously though I was thinking "I better hurry cause the crowds will be here soon and I want it to be perfect for them!"  Also,  I was  hoping that someone would bring me some Starbucks coffee.  Scott's people......take note.  Your coffee sucks.

Let's see...it is 9:30...tick tick tick. Well maybe I will just sit for a minute and take a break.

Where is everybody?

9:40....sold 2 pillows.....BAM

Ok I got this.

UM...not really.

Y'all I was staring down people.  I would compliment something they were wearing just to get them to stop and LOOK at my pillows.  It was like the floor was burning hot coals in front of my booth and they had to run to get over them.

Oh no...not on my watch.  I am here to sell.

Then Patty showed up.  All the way from Griffin, Ga.  Just to see me.  And the pillows.

I am not sure when we met in blogland but she has been blogging since 2008!  And can I tell you how dang sweet she is?

I recognized her right away so with hugs all around, even to MC [her handsome husband] who acted as chauffeur, we got down to pillow "bidness" and some chit chat.

She had all of her fabrics and threw them down like a good hand in poker.

I swiped this from her post :)

It was serendipity.  Behold the heavens opened up and the angels starting singing.  We happened to have the perfect pillows for her room.

Here she is smiling and  holding her bad ass pillows like it was  the winning Lotto ticket!  How cute is she :)

Now here is where it gets complicated.  She did not have any money with her.  OK...that is not entirely true....no checks or cash.  I WAS NOT losing a sale [not really people they were perfect]....so I  blurted out  "I'll write the check".  And I did.  Cause who could not trust this face?

Besides I would hunt her down like ants looking for the only crumb on the counter.

Anyway it was the highlight of my day!  

After that it was slow going.  The only other sale I made was to a sweet girl and her Mom.  And get this...after 30 minutes of looking for the perfect pillow for her plan...she lives in my neighborhood.

What?  I know.

So that was my day.  6 pillows.  I felt like such a loser.  There were a few other people who came by to say hi.  They DID NOT purchase any pillows.  You know who you are.  

K...here are the pillows from Scott's this month.

Got to love this one.

A little Zimba in green.

Some vintage chevron.

Some Pierre Frey fabric

I love this Schumacher fabric.  These were on sale too!!!


Fur baby

I don't recognize this fabric.  I know...huh?


Hot damn.

yup...like it.
Dark gray velvet....

Schumacher....looks good with some shiny orange.

So check out these poufs!



Out of my price range [free] but I wanted it...:(

filled up with some pretty plants.

Same as mine...
Only I painted.
Of course this was a year ago...things have changed :)

Should have gotten...real cheap.

I took this picture to show you how much better furniture looks with feet....

Just my opinion but I think it gives it more presence...especially on carpet.

Leaving you with this.  What my hair looks like when I wake up.

A few more comments about my experience.  It was slow.

  So slow.  

For a while I sat in my chair and just evaluated outfits.  I thought about handing out cards with numbers....like 1 meant.... hideous...go home and change right now...in fact don't go home...do not spend one more minute in that outfit.  Get naked and burn it in the parking lot.  How about a small glance before you leave the house.....do you have any mirrors?

10 was gimmee that outfit.  Everything.  All of it.  I am not sure I saw any 10's.

But that little game will keep you entertained for a while.  That and the lemon pound cake.

Sherika out.

ps....thanks for all of the eyebrow advice....you know I need it :)


Raina Cox said...

You showed remarkable restraint. I would have broke the bank taking all of it home.

And I'm pretty sure I need some Bamboozle in my life.

Cassie Bustamante said...

hey sherika-kay-kay guuuurl. how you doin?
LOVE that vintage chevron pillow. love. i want to make out with it. now.

lizziefitz said...

I would have bought pillows from you! Bamboozle rocks! My BFF always talk about making business cards( demerits) to place in people's mail boxes after Christmas( like Easter) and they still have decorations up , tee hee;)

Katie said...

ok so these pillows just make me wanna throw in the towel on my etsy shop. i know that's a bad attitude, but, seriously, how can one even attempt to compete with that awesomeness? oh... that's right... i don't even try. which helps me think that there's a slim possibility that there might be a market for inexpensive pillows made from random remnant fabric. so i guess it's all good.

outfit judging... always loads of fun. :) especially when I'm probably a complete hypocrite most of the time.

A Perfect Gray said...

love those gray velvet ones...how long will you be manning this space? i hope to come to scotts in september. was headed that way in july but someone had nerve enough to die and i had to go to the funeral instead. missed ally's party, too. some nerve, huh?

Kathysue said...

Always fun shopping vicariously through you Sherry. I agree about the fashion game. I think there a lot more 1's in life than 10's, for sure. I love to do this while waiting at airports too, I could seriously watch people all day. Have a great weekend! Did you read Patty's sweet post today!? You need to check it out, xo Kathysue

pam {simple details} said...

Fur baby and the pink ikat...sold! Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to post pics of the outfits! Good call to leave it to our imagination! :)

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

MC is on the clouds thinking he's handsome !
I have learned my lesson and will always have CASH when I go antiquing! BTW...has the check arrived?...and I will bring coffee!
My pillows are grand..everyone is allowed to touch them and live in envy!
YES I DID WIN THE LOTTERY ....THEY ARE SO SO PERFECT! and I had YOU put it all together!
I think your white painted chair is lovely...agree about the legs on the chest and that bird! What is it???
You have such a way with WORDS..
Have a fun weekend, can't wait to see what Wednesday brings...

Amanda said...

Another reason why I love reading your blog-it can make a boring dismal day so much brighter!!
And if I would have stopped by your booth I would have totally came home with some pillows.

Julia Ryan said...

you're my favorite. I wish I lived in your neighborhood. I would buy up all those pillows!

Unknown said...

so fun, and isn't Patty sweet to feature all of us in her blog? I love Scott's -why can't I have one near me, or maybe there is just ONE Scott's in this world and I have to come to Atlanta. I love the pillows, and the lucite bar cart and so many things! fun times. Wish it was busier for you and that you saw more 10's!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Well I was one day too late to see you. Darn. My hair looks like that, too when I get up. Cracking up over the getting naked and burning clothes in the parking lot.

Patti Mac said...

Great Blog!!! I am Patty Day's daughter - believe me! You were the highlight of her afternoon too!! MC is handsome - isn't he! Love the pillows...that was just an added bonus. All of the pillows are lovely but I want to sit with you and do the wardrobe judging! Love it!!! The winner should get a free pillow - or maybe 1/2 off. That would be fun. Run up to someone and say...you won!!!! Come choose a pillow.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

'We've got to get back to Scott's...all fabulous. It's been years since we have been there.

Simply LKJ said...

Ok, I so shoulda come for a visit...that unknown pillow would have come home with me along with that first poof...perfect for my office!!! And, isn't people watching the best????

Pura Vida said...

I don't get it the pillow aren't even ugly. Maybe they had spent all their money on outfits. Do you put strawberries on your pound cake, it makes slow better

Naz said...

How come all the good stuff is in the south? We don't have anything like Scott's here. So sad....but on the bright side I read yours and sweet Patty's blog and enjoy it tremendously.

Holly Gruszka said...

I know I would do some damage at your (Sudi's) booth. But your story certainly cracks me the heck up. And the face on that woman is priceless and the woman's facial expression in the background too. And poor Scott's with the bad coffee - they need to fix that STAT.

Unknown said...

Oh how I need to come visit Scott's again, just been too busy to get there this summer. Great job at selling 6 pillows (better than zip)! Love the chevron, and bamboozle pillows and that bamboo chair si fabulous!!! Have a great weekend!


Junell said...

Hey Miss Thang, Will you ship??? I can mail a check & you could cram in a USPS "if it fits" box. Oh good lord that made me think of OJ..if it doesn't fit...I digress. Saw several I really am jonesing for.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

Shoot...I so wish I had a Scotts! Can not believe there prices and all the great things they have.

Jo Dutton Winkler said...

I love your posts...all of them. Love the fabrics you choose and wish you lived closer to me. My living room would love to have you warm it up!

Seriously, you make me smile!

michele said...

girl, way to make selling pillows entertaining for us.

happy weekend.


Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

This post is a crack up! I am in stiches that you wrote that check for the customer out of your own pocket! haha, now that's a true sales woman. And I do the exact same thing, secretly rate people's outfits in my head...haha.

Those pillows are awsome and should have been flying off the shelves!

Lissa Pierce said...

Too funny! Thanks for the inside look on being a seller. I went on Saturday so missed you but did see all the gorgeous pillows....couldn't pull the trigger and buy yet. Also came real close to buying that chicken as a gag gift for my sister ( she hates chickens) but the price was above my gag gift limit.

Nicole Scott said...

As a fellow pillow pusher I can relate. Maybe in the fall folks will start nesting and wanting to add layers. In the meantime I will play the new game you invented and watch peeps.

Unknown said...

ha ha - the outfit game is so great when you're sitting in an airport too! ;) LOVE that lucite cart - I think I need it!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Pillowpalooza! I would have opened my checkbook. Except...I have a bit of a pillow problem...

Andrea said...

Dang girl, I would have bought some pillows from you! Also, mental note, make sure I dress to impress about you. HA

Kristen said...

haha you're hilarious....

i'm from griffin, ga too :) that's my hometown, boy!

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

You make me laugh :)

Mary Ann Pickett said...

PATTY does have a trustworthy face. BUT no cash??? Even I know to bring cash to a flea market. Someday...Scott's here I come.

René said...

I like the outfit rating - could use that at market. Sorry your pillow sales weren't better...and the coffee. Lovely loveliness as always.

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