Here we are.....week 5 of the ORC.  I know everyone else has already posted...all of those "organized people" whose list have list.

 I thought I would have a big goose egg for you today....ha ha....I managed to round up a few things.  Whew.  I am like dang David Copperfield.

Last week we locked in with decisions on the fabrics.  That is where the first news flash is.  

We had picked out the Lee Jofa brown for the lumbar pillows in the club chairs.

Alert.....she changed her mind!!!  We revisited the RL brown zebra and decided that it would add a little more interest to the room if we were to throw it into the mix.

I totally agreed.......telling here if it was my room that is what I would go with.


I have to tell you it's out of the box for you guys build it up  OK?  AND if you don't like it...well....keep it to yourself :)  Cause you know design is subjective and we all have different taste. 

Lesson for the day:  Always be nice.  ABN. 

As a designer I might not love the style of a particular room [like a really modern one] but I can totally appreciate a well thought out space that is pulled together and cohesive.

The next thing we made a decision about was the coffee table.
Here she be.  We are going to have it painted a light blue kind of like this finish.

The talented and sweet Kristin F. Davis will be working her magic.  AND...she graciously squeezed us in next week.  If you are not familiar with her work....
How cool is this...

Love how she matched the stripes to the shower's all about the details right?

Love these stenciled walls.

So I know we will be in good hands.

Once the coffee table is done we are going to add this large basket from PB.  It will help fill the space underneath, add texture and she can put books and magazines in it.

A pair of cream lamps have been ordered from Ballard's.
But we are changing the shades to add more texture.

Plus...change out the finial to something like this.

Just to give it a little interest.

There you have it.  Fabrics have been ordered.  The train has left the station....

Now you can spend the rest of the day catching up on all of the other updates!

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In fact I think I will take my ipad, go get a pedicure and start reading.  Every time I run....about three months later I lose the same toe nail.  So they have to paint the skin.  Weird huh?

While I was at PB today getting the basket and shades I took a few pictures.
Kind of digging this "old" trunk used for a coffee table.  Old meaning reproduction of course.

I have to tell you...this shade looks too small for this me anyway.  Thoughts?

OK....I don't want to confuse the ORC with a post on PB so we will leave it at that.

Off for some pampering.

Sha Magic Girl!


The Pink Pagoda said...

Sherry your client's room is going to be beautiful! I'm dying to see what this talented artist does with the coffee table! I really think she needs to move to Dallas. And I, for one, do not use lists. ADD!

Raina Cox said...

1. LOVE the RL fabric.

2. That shade is way too small for its base (looks like JLo in a burlap tube top).

3. If PB is selling faux Beni rugs, I do believe the end is near.

Things That Inspire said...

It's all looking great! Thank you for the decorative painter source. Was the coffee table at Scotts or a furniture store? I would have passed right by it, but I love the lines.

Have you ever been to the lamp place in Americasmart I think they are on the floor with Currey & Co - run by an Asian man and his mother (based out of Lawrenceville maybe?) - they specialize in ceramic lamps, and the quality is really so good. My favorite lamp came from there - a beautiful grayish blue in an interesting stacked pattern.

Looking forward to the big reveal!

- Holly

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

Finally, I've been waiting all day for your update! Ha...I knew it would show up!
The fabrics with Ralphy look grand! Congratulations on putting it all together on the spot!
The lamps from Ballard are perfect and love the lamp shade switch.
Can't wait to see what Kristin does with the table. Her work is remarkable. That shower curtain and the wall..
Love the finial...finials are a forgotten fabulous jewel! Was PB crazy putting that shade on that lamp?
Now, forget about all that exercising..loosing a toe nails each time just isn't worth it. As they say in NY, "Forget about it!"
Relax, enjoy the day...will be anxiously awaiting your reveal next Wednesday.

Kim said...

Love the choices ... sooooo glad the RL fabric made it .. it was my favorite! I have used the Ballard lamps several times recently and it is perfect!! Please take care of your toes!

Lindsay @ Me, Ed and Pea said...

Wow! Love her work. Especially the wallpaper in the dining room and the nursery.

lizziefitz said...

Love the plan! I am going to steal tray idea for under my coffee table. I have those PB shades, amazing ( and they don't show dust...shhhhh!) yes, the last lamp shade is too small on that lamp base , tisk-tisk!

René said...

How cool to have Kristin work her magic on that table! Love the plan. And yes, the shade looks too small to me too - I have a pair in my living room with the same problem. Poor toenail :(

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

whoa - way to pull it together. And whether your awesome client is reading or not - i love the fabric choice and think its daring enough to really make a different but neutral enough to be GREAT!!!! And PS let's talk about how great Kristen Davis is - I cannot believe you got her to do that table! AMAZZZZZBuckets.

Jessie said...

I love everything you have picked so far, all gorgeous accessories and details!

Looking forward to see the big reveal next week! Knowing your work, I am sure this room will look very beautiful and fresh!


Junell said...

Oh Good Goosey you did it! Dang if you ain't Copperfield & Houdini all rolled into a cross between Charlene & Mary Jo! Betting I don't have to xplain that. WTG! Your client is one lucky gal.
I got your note on the pillows & will be in touch once I go back to the post.... THX!

Melissa I. said...

Kristin will definitely make that table shine with her techniques! I love her work!

The shade is definitely too small for the lamp. Good grief - who paired those??

Barbara Matson said...

The shade is too small. And hope you enjoyed the pedi! Can't wait to see you work your magic!

Laurie said...

Loving where this is going....what color are those toes?

Woodside Park said...

That bathroom with the stripes matching the shower curtain is pure genius! Look forward to seeing Kristin's magic on the coffee table. I love your fabric always do a FAB job with fabrics. Can't wait for the big reveal....lots to read and see next week.

michele said...

forget it.

i just read 'JLo in a burlap tube top' and all of my witty remarks have escaped me.

my husband's toe nails fall off from running too.


Julia Ryan said...

I love the fabric story y'all chose! So pretty! I don't care how long it takes, I'm sticking around for the big reveal!

Anonymous said...

Love the fabrics!!! Neutral but bold. My fave. That lamp shade is way too small. I have those Ballard lamps and now I want different shades. Hubby loves it when I read blogs. Amber B.

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love the fabric selections. I also love that coffee table. That painter...Kristin Davis, isn't she an actress ;). OK, ABN...does that mean that I need to be nice about the fact that you have no toenail and paint the skin?? IDK

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Totally agree on the lamp shade. And loving how your client's room is coming together!

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

All of it is just perfect! I do believe that that statement makes a good designer... all rooms may not be my style, but being able to appreciate the space is key! And sometimes it is not about your style, but the clients and giving them the best looking space for their tastes! The room is going to look amazing! And it is always good to have one or two things that are out of the box in each room!

LindsB said...

So so awesome you are having Kristin come paint- I cant WAIT to see how this turns out!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Humming right along....WHEN is the finale of this project?

Just lost half of my big toenail...painting the skin? really? Does that work?

Emily said...

What a talent that Kristin are definitely in good hands! Things are lookin' good!! :)

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos Home said...

I might need you to add an acronym index to your sidebar. ORC, RL, PB, ABN.

Love your style, and you always make me LMAO. :)

Val said...

This is going to be one gorgeous room.

Amanda said...

well if I had read THIS post 1st I wouldnt have asked the dumb question on your newest post. I see it is indeed Ralph Lauren- Kravet right?
And LOVING that fabric combo I hope beyond hope she goes for it b/c it rocks!!
Have a great weekend girlie!

StagerLinda said...

Love the direction everything is going. Client is lucky she has you to nudge her into something more dramatic. Can't wait to see the coffee table. The striped bathroom is amazaing.

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