I guess part 2 of Scott's will have to wait because it's Wednesday and that means.......Week 4 of the One Room Challenge.

Yep...I am still traveling this highway :) [as I pat myself on the back]

Last week we looked at bajillions  of fabrics...which showed  different ways that the room could go.

Here's something funny.  

I kinda didn't mention to my sweet client that I was using her in the challenge.  I know....sneaky and not entirely the best move on my part.  

There is that "good judgement" issue again.

My appointment was Monday morning and when I got there and we started to go over the plan....she said..."Oh gosh I read your blog and realized that I was part of the challenge!"  [who knew?]   At that point I was apologizing all over myself...hope it's OK...hope you aren't going to fire me...and that you don't think I am unhinged  [I mean I am but hopefully I don't come across that way] .......hope

....and this is HOW SWEET she is....."How fast do we need to make decisions so you can stay on schedule?"

Hmmmmm....what?  I was spewing things like "Ohthatdarnthing".

  Maybe a perfect client....I love her.

Let's get down to some decisions.

This is a version of what we decided [not the darker velvet on the bottom left].  We also decided to not use the existing blue circle  pillows that were already on the sofa.  There are only 2 and we can throw them in a basket for texture.

I am so proud of myself that I figured out how to put text on this picture.  I will be building web sites soon.  Not.

On the only wall space in the room there is a black console....longer than this one.  Since there is a wrap around porch off the kitchen/den the room is a little dark.  We decided that a huge mirror [similar to this one] would act as a large window and help brighten it up.

My first thought was a piece of art.
I found this on Etsy....Linda Donahue.  I love her work.

But after I showed her the picture of the mirror....slam dunk....that was it.

Under the console we will add a basket for texture.  Also a great place for toys and clutter.
There is also a small space under a window for a bench to add more seating.

Then we have 2 bookshelves to accessorize....

That will be the fun part....
On each side of the sofa is a small end table with a lamp.  I was suggesting floor lamps so there was more room on the tables...and perhaps safer for small children crawling around.

Maybe adding some blue accents on the console and in the bookcase.  Always classic.

Anyway I'm pretty sure her head was spinning when I left.  She also thanked me for introducing her to this whole world of "design blogs"....... she is dying!

I told her to be is very addicting and once you fall down that hole...well many aspects  of your life will be left neglected.  I speak from experience.

And that my friends is as far as we will get this week.  I am a little worried about next Wednesday because seriously how much more can I get done on this project in 7 days?   I guess they don't call it a challenge for nothing.

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I think one person dropped out but I can't remember who it was...I'm just hanging on here folks.

But can just drop by all of these wonderful blogs anyway right?

freak show.


Danylle McLain said...

Loving all of these ideas. The pops of blue are perfect.

Nicole Scott said...

It's going to be fantastic! Good thing your client is so great!! Good Luck....see you next week.

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...

I am so glad the client was ecstatic, but then, why wouldn't she be? Love the final picks. Everything looks great.

ps. I'll wait for your Scotts pillow post. I fully understand the Priority!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I think you have one image you did not write on? You have two more can do it! Your friends will be waiting at the finish line with coffee...maybe wine? This is great, and it sounds like you have a wonderful client.

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love the plans!! A huge window mirror over the console will look fantastic; I always admire those mirrors!

Jessie said...

Your client sounds wonderful, love her thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. The floor lamps that you picked look awesome!

Yep, they don't call it a challenge for nothing. I know I will be scrambling to finish off my master bedroom makeover in just two weeks! Good luck!

Can't wait to see your progress next week!


Emily A. Clark said...

I was holding my breath a little when she said she read about herself on your blog :)

I love that image of the baskets on the bookcases--I'm thinking, thinking. . . May redo my shelves--again. Do you know where that picture is from?

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

LOL - thanks for keepin it real!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I lo-o-o-ve the fabrics and how this room is coming together! Good heavens. I want to be your client. Her room is so pretty to begin with…'s going to look fantastic when you are done with it!

Kim said...

This makes me laugh ... I told my client that she was on my blog and PLEASE don't take anything I say personally because this is just the way blogging is!! I love what you are doing and the bookshelves are beautiful!

Barbara Matson said...

Loving the direction. How awesome your client is on board - fabulous!

Belinda said...

Just found your blog....thanks to the pin by of bookshelves by Emily Clark. Love your work and your sense of humor, can't wait to see and hear more. loving and laughing in texas!

Sadie + Stella said...

That art is beyond gorg.

Laurie said...

Loving the picks and the fact that you picked the perfect client to challenge....hope you bought her a drink.

Simply LKJ said...

I am loving everything you have picked! And poor girl...she will be spending hours on the computer looking at design blogs. Oh, should I say, "poor hubby?"

The Pink Pagoda said...

Your client sounds absolutely lovely! What a doll! But she IS getting some seriously awesome design service! The fabrics are beautiful And I always think large mirrors are fantastic -- can't wait to see next week!

Heather Moore Grahling | Vivid Hue Home said...

Holy crap, i love the fact that you didn't tell your client and she still found you out! too funny and so cool that she's down with being featured! Great progress on the ORC! Can't wait to see how it all comes together

Wendy said...

It's going to be great - congrats!!!

Emily said...

I love the final fabric choices and I am so glad she went with the mirror...perfect choice...and SO glad that you weren't fired! :)

NanaDiana said...

Sherry- Every single choice is gorgeous. I love the mirror..and the fact that she is reading about herself on your blog- You got guts, darlin' ~ xo Diana

Tiffany @ {Living Savvy} said...

You are so funny! Glad you client was on bored! Love the final fabric selections!

Unknown said...

Hilarious! One of our clients saw our 'pins' about our plans for her before we presented the design, and went out and bought stuff. Dumb- now we have to disguise our Pinboard names so they don't know it's their project...
Tell your client we all love her!

Things That Inspire said...

I am loving this one room design challenge series! I am off to check out the others.

This post inspired me to create a new pinterest board about bookshelves - I had been sticking my favorite bookshelf pictures in libraries/offices. Love the balance of big and small collections in the bookshelf pictures.

Have a great weekend-

LindsB said...

Totally love that mirror, I can see why it was a slam dunk. What a sweet cliet you have- I hope I'm that lucky with mine in the future :)

Acquired Objects said...

I always think rooms need at least one big oversized piece in it and that mirror will be wonderful. Fun watching your clients room come together and sweet of her to play along. You don't have to make great leaps to make a change in a room, baby steps my friend baby steps sometimes make the greatest impact. Nice seeing and so far I'm loving it!


LiveLaughDecorate said...

Haha, so proud of you for hanging in there with this and for learning to put text on photos - you'll have to send me a quick tutorial. lolz. I know how much you fought with Linda to get off the list.Glad the client was cool (that could have so gone the other way). Can't wait for the reveal as well.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

You crack me up. Love what you all decided on. It may be a busy two weeks, but afterwards you can sit back and have a good stiff cocktail! Hang in there!!

Pura Vida said...

I am greatly impressed with your new computer skills...seems like you cut and pasted a basket in addition to the text on the photos!

Great ideas!

Lindsay said...

what a sweet client! Hang in there, we're almost finished and everything you've done so far is beautiful! xx

Lisa Mende Design said...

Loving everything! as always! sweet client! i also adore Linda Donahue. I bought one of her paintings at the last market in high point. It doesn't go with a thing in my house but had to have it!

How2home said...

Love very thing on there! When you choose your choice of fabric, what is your guideline/rule? More on looks or texture?

Holly Gruszka said...

Look at your skillz! I don't believe I've ever spelled skills that way but you deserve it for adding that text - way to go. And I love how your client is addicted to design blogs now - easy to get sucked in. She's in for the long run :) And love your fabric choices as always.

Cindy said...

I can't wait to see it all pulled together... i love your fabric choices and colors, and i totally "get" using the mirror, but that painting is pretty cool too. I looked at the artist's website, and she has good prices, and some pretty work, beautiful colors in the paintings too...


Lyvonne said...

"I told her to be is very addicting and once you fall down that hole...well many aspects of your life will be left neglected. I speak from experience."

True words indeed! And now you all have made it even more addicting with the one room challenge. :)

Thank you to Lisa Mende for writing a fantastic blog and sending me here! Love yours as well and will be following along from now on!

-Lyvonne, the essentials inside

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