What was I thinking????

I got an email from a friend of mine and she wondered why no post????   Well, here is one of the reasons....
 Yep.  I took my dogs to the beach for the FIRST time.  My sister usually dog sits for me and she wanted to go, so I thought "why not".  Here they are in the car, and if you think his mouth is dirty, try having him hover over you for 5 hours in the car with hot dog breath.  They have NEVER been on a road trip longer than to the park or the vet.  The first 48 hours were reaaaaallllllyyyyyy hard [think having a tooth drilled for 2 days].  Dogs thrive on routine, at least mine do, and this threw them into outer space.  My male dog, Zipper, was dropped at birth.  Seriously... he hyper focuses on everything to the MAX.  The first night we came into the bedroom to sleep, and when he jumped on the bed he somehow glanced up and saw the ceiling fan [a huge 5 armed monster that had it out for him and was on the verge of landing right on his back] and the next 40 minutes he stared it, crouched down like he was a sniper waiting for the enemy.   I am serious and it was not even on.  He was frozen.  That truly set the tone for the whole night.  Patches just sat at the end of the bed panting.  No sleep for anyone.  
It has gotten better [yes "has", I am still here!] but 1500 sq feet with 3 dogs [my sister brought hers, a miniature schnauzer] and 5 people.  Busy.
I came down for 2 reasons, to scope out the place where we are having the rehearsal dinner for my stepson and to clean.  Clean what you ask?  Well.... in a complete moment of true craziness we bought a place down here in 2005.  Before you think "shit, are you kidding me?" change that to "shit, were you smoking crack?"
Yep,  Florida, the worst investment in real estate in 30 YEARS!  So, since we can't SELL the dang place [unless we want to lose a gazillion dollars] this is where we spend EVERY vacation.  
Which leads me to why I was down here in the first place.  The end of the busy summer rental season, and I had to come down and clean.  There was enough sand under the beds for a small beach.  AND...the kitchen......I organize them 4 times a year and every. time. I. come. it looks like someone just dumped it all in a bin and then piled it into the drawers.  Is it a game?  

I won't bore you with the details.  We've all cleaned before.  The kind of clean you do before your mother in law comes for the first time. Sucks.

BUT...I did get to see this every night.

And, we did go out to dinner.

That is my sister on the left, my friend Jan and me.  You can't see my arms because I still have the rubber gloves on and a sponge in them.  And....why is my head cocked like that?  Note to self:  Look up at the camera, it makes you neck look better.

I am supposed to leave today.  Patches and Zipper did manage to settle down.  So not looking forward to the drive back to Atlanta with their hot stinky breath over my shoulder.



Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

OMG! HILARIOUS!!! The only thing WORSE would be taking cats! They hate the car, they hate change, and they HATE anything different! So....maybe it could have been a little worse! lol I know they will do better next time!

Lou Cinda :)

Amy The Step-Bride said...

About the first photo: Did you put hot chocolate in Zipper's water bowl that morning? He and Penny could get into a contest over which inanimate object is more dangerous: a shower curtain or a ceiling fan. Hilarious.

Courtney said...

The smoking crack comment made me LOL!

Mimi said...

Classic Sherry- classic!!

Deserae said...

Anyone who has dogs can totally relate to this...so I of course laughed hysterically WITH YOU because I have been there soooo many times! My little guy has suddenly decided that his bowl of food is possessed by someting so dinner time has become very entertaining around here the last two weeks. They are such characters aren't they? LOL

Kristen White said...

Looks like complete craziness! Hope you had a little time to relax and take a break from all that cleaning!?!?!

Julie Holloway said...

you crack me up!!! I can just picture that ride.

Your neck looks good! You are a cutie.


Emily A. Clark said...

And, I thought having three kids was hard! :) Glad you're back.

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