Girls Night Out!

The other night I attended a Fall Fashion & Accessories Trunk Show with a friend of mine [and the person I can say definitely helped spearhead my design career] Lisa Mowry.  She is delightful and so much fun to be with.

 I first met Lisa at least 15 years ago when she came to shoot a small bath in my home.  I was so nervous but Lisa and the whole crew really rocked and made it such a memorable experience.    

The location was Environment Furniture.  It was created by Amanda Leesburg.  

There were some great vendors there.  Designers included Kathleen Plate the creator of Smart Glass Jewelry.  While her jewelry is made of recycled bottles, each piece is handmade and features recycled glass, sterling silver, or gold fill.  She was adorable and I loved everything.  It had a bohemian feel to it and here is the necklace I bought
You need to check it out!!!

Of course the next designer that caught my eye was Ann Roth Shoes.  Whoa...."hello lovah".....gorgeous!  Launched in the spring of 2006, each pair is handmade in Spain.  I wanted every pair.... so elegantly designed with a bit of nostalgia.  She has been featured in Lucky, USA today and Daily Candy.  Here are a few pictures of some I fancied....
These...if George [Clooney] saw me in these he would not be able to resist :)
Double DE......lishious
I want so bad....

We got there around 5:15 not really planning to stay very long, but we got s scoop that some of "The Housewives of Atlanta" were going to show up so we decided to go across to Yeah Burger and have dinner.  Can I say YUM!  And the fries...we ordered and had a few......crack!  I highly recommend it.    We strolled back over around 7:30 [it was over at 9:00].  We were totally up for a little celebrity stalking but after an hour we got tired of waiting.  I did want to see Kim though and her boobs the size of Texas.

Now back to Lisa......She is a magazine editor, and her work has appeared in Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, [which includes their special interest publications like Decorating, Kitchen and Baths, and Remodel] Traditional Home and Renovation Style.  It is Lisa's job to scout out new projects that can be photographed for those publications.  Lisa has a great eye for what is current in design and which direction it is heading and  is always looking for unique rooms and good stories.  

Look forward to an interview with Lisa about the shifts in design trends and what style of rooms those publications are searching for.

Don't forget about the givaway!!!



Dharma said...

Reminder to Sherry - she and Dharma must never go shoe shopping together. Ever. It will be the fastest credit card swiping championship in history or a deathmatch legwrestle somewhere. LOL

Looks like you had fun!

Lisa Mowry said...

Well, of course I love this post! We had such a fun evening and you captured it well. George Clooney would SO be yours wearing those shoes...agreed.
The pleasure is always mine hanging out with you, whether it's business or otherwise. And I'll definitely start taking notes for my guest's a great idea.
Love, Lisa

Val said...

Oh be still my heart!!! SHOES!! The necklace is gorgeous too.

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like such
a fun event!!! And,
I love the fact that
the items for sale
were made by artisans
or crafted in Europe, etc.
Quality all the way!
Looking forward to the
interview, Sherry...
Have a great weekend!
xx Suzanne

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