I am trying to get this post out on the details of the Southeastern Designer Showhouse but I took 250 pictures and trying to edit them all is giving me the know they were taken in a hurry and so they are all crooked and need to be lightened.  UGH.....

I know not earth shattering or life and death but still I don't want to just throw out a bunch of out of focus..... crooked....dark pics on here.  

I do have some dignity.

Another thing is I am leaving in 17 days to go on a vacation up to Nantucket.  And.....get this.

My neighbors who have a home up there have 2 dogs and a cat to transport.  So.....they are going in with another couple who also go up for the summer and doing a private jet.....PJ for short.  HaHa.

Anyway here is the kicker.  She has to go up early for an art show so her husband and I are going on the jet together with the farm animals.

Crazy huh!  Of course I will be documenting this whole gig.

But hey enough about me.....let me try and show you a few detail shots of this amazing home.

We will start in my favorite space...the dining room by Mrs Howard.

I mean....come on.  The grasscloth wallpaper....the painted table...the chandelier.  It all works beautifully together do you agree.  

The botanicals about killed

It was the perfect mix of antique and modern.  Brilliant.

Check out the ceiling trim....and of course as many people noted there is no molding on the bottom.

I am down for that but what about if you mop the floors or something.....will that wallpaper get messed up over time?  Asking for a friend.

The table was covered in a textured paper and then painted I think.  

If we cross the hall we arrive in this room which was magnificent on it's own!

The room was so warm and cozy.  The paneling on the wall was crazy good....and the way she wrapped the curtains in the corner.....brilliant!

Wallpaper on the ceiling and this stunning chandelier.....

I loved the vibe of this sophisticated......Whitney Ray killed it!

I think we have to quit here and continue this later.  I have to walk princess Cami and go to work.....cause I have a little thing called a mortgage to pay :)

This is the last week to see this amazing home so if you are local just GO!  Or if you aren't.....well just gas up the jet and get here....hahaha. That might be my new saying and I guarantee you will be sick of hearing it.




debra @ 5th and state said... private jet is in for repair!

I should be heading to work but cannot stop staring at these rooms. it would be a dream if a source list was provided as I am coveting so much!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that grasscloth wallpaper and the line art on those walls are just amazing! Thanks for sharing.

CynthiaB said...

Oh my!! Both rooms are gorgeous - just love the dining room wallpaper and the draperies in the sitting room - they do for the that room what a set of parentheses (did I spell that correctly?) does for a sentence - just a gentle enclosure. Do you have any idea where the dining room chandelier is from? I'm sure I couldn't afford it, but it would complement my living room chandy really well! OK, I'm off in my PJ (in my case pajamas!) to go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny!! First you get an intern and bam, you’re private jetting! When I was at Sea Island a couple of weeks ago PJ’s were taking off and landing right over our heads. I don’t enjoy flying so I wasn’t too the time we left I started to imagine what if :) I enjoy visiting homes with decor like your photos but chances of me living in a home like that are about the same as having a PJ. I would add baseboards. Right now I’m over the moon about our furniture finally getting delivered week of June 7. It’s been on order since early October. Praying that all the delays (COVID, shortage of materials, shut downs, shortage of employees) don’t effect the quality and craftsmanship. Hope you have a great vacay and a safe trip! 🙏

Su-z said...

You’re living my dream, girl! A private jet to Nantucket? Wow. Have a great time. Kind of reminds me of Noah’s Ark. We are actually headed to Georgia and SC next week, but flying AA, not PJ. Our first trip in almost two years....can’t wait! Wish I’d make it in time to see the show house, they don’t do that stuff in our neck of the woods. Phoebe Howard does perfect work, doesn’t she?

Thanks for the photos!

Anonymous said...

I feel the lack of having a baseboard makes the room look unfinished. Otherwise it's a killer room.

barbara said...


So clean and NO DUSTING!

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